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Price Hikes – Suzuki Swift Now Costs Almost Rs. 40 Lac

Price Hikes – Suzuki Swift Now Costs Almost Rs. 40 Lac

The fortunes of the local car sector have changed due to a serious decline in the nation’s economic health. It has been seven months since the auto sector in Pakistan has already seen its fourth increase in automobile prices for the year.

Suzuki follows Toyota, KIA, Hyundai, and Changan. The cost of the Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Wagon R, Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Bolan, and Suzuki Ravi, which are locally built, has gone up. From today, August 1, 2022, new updated prices will be applied.

The revised pricing for all Suzuki models is listed below.

Suzuki Alto

The 660cc hatchback from Suzuki now costs:

  • The price of the Alto VX basic model has increased by Rs. 314,000, to Rs. 1,789,000. The automobile originally cost Rs. 1,475,000.
  • In comparison to the previous price of Rs. 1,733,000, the mid-variant Alto VXR has seen a rise of Rs. 346,000, bringing the price to Rs. 2079,000.
  • Additionally, Alto AGS, the top-of-the-line model, has increased by Rs. 388,000. Rather than costing Rs. 1,951,000 as before, it will now cost Rs. 2,339,000.



Suzuki Wagon R

The new 1000cc Suzuki Wagon R pricing is as follows:

  • The base model, the Wagon R VXR, has increased by Rs. 465,000. In comparison to the former price of Rs. 2,084,000, the new price is Rs. 2,549,000.
  • Wagon R VXL, the mid-variant, has seen an increase of Rs. 5,000,000. Currently, you can get this variation for Rs. 2,699,000 as opposed to Rs. 2,199,000.
  • Last but not least, the top-of-the-line Wagon R AGS will now cost Rs. 2,949,000 instead of Rs. 2,399,000, an increase of Rs. 5,50,000.

Suzuki Cultus

  • Cultus VXR’s base model now costs Rs. 2,87900 instead of Rs. 2,330,00, an increase of Rs. 549,000. This is in comparison to the previous price of Rs.
  • Cultus VXL, the mid-variant, will now cost 3159000 instead of 2,564,000. This implies a price increase of Rs. 595,000.
  • Cultus AGS, at the top of the line, had a price increase of Rs. 617,000, going from Rs. 2,762,000 to Rs. 3,379,000.

Suzuki Swift

  • Swift GL Manual’s base price has been raised by Rs. 575,000 to Rs. 3.349,000 from Rs. 2,774,000 under the previous pricing structure.
  • Swift GL CVT’s mid-level pricing has increased by Rs. 601,000 from its previous price of Rs. 2,998,000 to Rs. 3,599,000.
  • Swift GLX CVT, the top model, experienced a price increase of Rs. 661,000, increasing it from Rs. 3,298,000 to Rs. 3,959,000.

Suzuki Bolan

The new Suzuki Bolan (Cary Daba) pricing is as follows:

  • Bolan CARGO now costs Rs. 1,566,000 as opposed to Rs. 1,315,000 under the previous tariff, an increase of Rs. 251,000.
  • The cost of the Bolan VAN has increased by Rs. 251,000 to Rs. 1,579,000 from Rs. 1,328,000 under the previous pricing.

Suzuki Ravi

The price of Ravi VX has increased by Rs. 243,000, going from Rs. 1,256,00 to Rs. 1,499,000.

VariantsOld Price (Rs.)New Prices (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
Alto VX1,475,0001,789,000314,000
Alto VXR1,733,0002,079,000346,000
Alto VXL1,951,0002,399,000388,000
Wagon R
Wagon R VXR2,084,0002,549,000388,000
Wagon R VXL2,199,0002,699,000500,000
Wagon R AGS2,399,0002,949,000550,000
Cultus VXR2,330,0002,879,000549,000
Cultus VXL2,564,0003,164,000595,000
Cultus AGS2,762,0003,379,000617,000
Swift GL M/T2,774,0003,349,000575,000
Swift GL CVT2,998,0003,599,000601,000
Swift GLX CVT3,298,0003,959,000661,000
Bolan VX1,328,0001,579,000251,000
Bolan Cargo1,315,0001,566,000251,000


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