Here is a Complete Guide on How to File Income Tax Returns Online in Pakistan

The Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) official sources state that the deadline to file your income for the tax year 2022 is September 30, 2022.

Continue reading this blog to find out everything you need to know about filing your tax return in 2022.

Before we go into the specifics of the procedure, it is important to note that everyone in Pakistan who earns PKR 600,000 or more annually is required to file their tax returns. You’re in luck if you believe your yearly income exceeds this amount and you haven’t filed taxes yet. We have provided a comprehensive tutorial on how to file taxes in Pakistan that will walk you through every step of the procedure.



Process to file income tax return online in 2022

Online tax return filing has gotten considerably simpler. The Federal Board of Revenue website now makes it simple for everyone to file their taxes online. Here’s information about filing tax returns in Pakistan.

Register with Iris before filing tax returns. Iris is an online filing system for income tax returns. Put your login and password in.

  • Click “Forgot password” if you can’t remember your password.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, click the “Declaration” menu at the top of the portal.
  • ‘114(1) Return of Income Filed Voluntarily for 1 Year’ is the tab to select under Forms.
  • Place your cursor on the Period tab and type the tax year there.

Employment setion

Fill out the employment section to file income tax returns in Pakistan
  • Once a new page loads, click on the Employment section.
  • Select the salary tab.
  • In the Total Amount section, write the salary’s annual income.
  • Mention the amount free from tax under the title “Amount exempt from tax” if your pay holds the exempted amount.
  • Once finished, select the Calculate option.
  • Fill out the input fields with the total tax, the amount subject to final tax, and the amount exempt from tax, then click the Calculate button.

Adjustable tax and the amount of the tax deducted

Adjustable Tax
  • Click the Tax Chargeable/Payments button, then choose the Deductible Allowances tab to input any deductions made for Zakat or charitable contributions.
  • The fields for Tax Chargeable, Tax Reductions, Adjustable Tax, and Tax Credits should be filled out.
  • You must complete the information on the Adjustable Tax screen regarding the taxes that have already been assessed against you or levied on you during your tax year.
  • Enter the tax amount against the 64020001 code if you work for the federal government.
  • Enter the tax amount against 64020002 for employees of provincial governments.
  • Enter your tax amount against the 64020003 code if you work in the corporate sector.
  • Additionally, you can change the tax that your bank deducts from specific parts, such as when you take money from the bank in 64100101. The code 64151501 should be used for any additional banking transactions, such as savings or bonds.
  • Additionally, you can compare the tax deducted by your bank for motor vehicle registration, transfer, sale, and leasing to the relevant codes.
  • A dialogue box will ask for information about the car, such as the E&TD Registration Number, as well as further information on the brand, model, and engine size. When you’re finished, select the Calculate Tab from the menu.

Tax changable/paymets

Fill Tax Chargeable to file income tax returns
  • You may view all the information about your income and taxable amounts by choosing the Tax Chargeable/Payments page.
  • View the Admitted Income Tax and Demanded Income Tax tabs.
  • You must pay any amount found under the Demanded Income Tax tab and attach any applicable CPRs.

Net assets

  • To give details about your assets, click the Personal Assets tab.
  • Add up the total of the current year’s net assets as well as the prior year’s net assets.
  • In the fields for inflows and outflows, enter the amount of annual income.
  • After providing all the information, click the Calculate option.
  • When submitting income tax returns, the “Unreconciled Amount” must be zero.

Payment for demanded tax

  • You must submit the information about your returns in the subsequent steps after paying the demanded tax using an Alternative Delivery Channel (ADC) or with cash by going to any approved National Bank of Pakistan branch.
  • Click on the Payments tab, then on the plus sign in the top right corner.
  • A dialogue box requesting payment information will display.
  • Type in the CPR number, amount code, or amount paid, then select the search option.
  • When the whole list of your payment’s details appears, select OK to store them.

Verify income tax return form and submit it

  • After adding and computing the values for all the necessary fields, you should now confirm your identification.
  • There will already be information for your name and registration number.
  • When prompted, enter the verification pin that was provided to you upon registration, then select the Verify Pin tab.
  • After receiving the information, select the Submit tab to file income tax returns.

This was a thorough manual on how to submit Pakistani income tax forms. Hope it will help you alot in fillinf tax return online at home.

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