Snapchat Now Allows Plus Users to Use Both the Front and Back Camera, at the Same Time

We’ve all experienced the desire to simultaneously shoot a video using the front and back cameras on our phones since doing so would allow us to conveniently capture what we are seeing and our reaction without having to constantly flip between them.

This experience occurs much more often than we realize; two examples are going on a Ferris wheel or watching a football game. A personal response together with the video wouldn’t be much better. Yes, Snapchat is aware of this and has now released a wild new dual camera function that enables you to record a video using both the front and back cameras at the same time.

The dual camera function, which Snapchat just announced, offers users a choice of four different display layouts, allowing them to select the one that best suits them. Vertical, horizontal, picture-in-picture and cutaway are the four available layouts.



All the features you would typically use on a Snapchat video, such as music, stickers, and lenses may simply be added to a dual-camera Snapchat video once it has been created.

Given that this update is currently only accessible on iOS devices, iOS users appear to be in luck. In the upcoming months, Android devices will receive the upgrade, according to Snapchat. The photo-sharing app stated that “Dual Camera will be available globally on iOS today, with Android support in the coming months.”

It’s crucial to remember that this feature is only accessible to subscribers of Snapchat Plus, a premium service that gives users access to premium functionality on the app. Since the launch of its Plus feature, Snapchat has continuously worked to develop engaging new services for its paying subscribers. We recommend reading this to learn more about Snapchat Plus’s features.

In unveiling the new premium feature, Snapchat stated that “Dual Camera is an innovative approach for our community to capture thrilling moments while being part of the memory.” Snapchat already boasts more than a million subscribers, but it appears that the firm wants to see these numbers increase even more quickly.

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