How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp While Chatting

We have all been waiting for WhatsApp to launch a certain function, and it has now done so. The instant messaging service said last month that users would soon be capable of hiding their online status even when they are actively using the app.

The messaging service owned by Meta announced that the official feature would take some more time to become available. There is a workaround if you simply can’t wait and want to keep your online status a secret from your contacts.



Notably, the tips we’ll describe below apply to both Android and iOS users.

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your phone.
  • The three vertical dots in the upper right corner, which you must then visit.
  • The Settings menu can be accessed by just clicking.
  • Go to the Privacy option after selecting the Account option.

The option labeled “Last Seen” will be shown. There will be two options: “My Contacts” and “Nobody.” Your online status will only be visible to your contacts after selecting the My Contacts option. Nobody, the second selection, will keep the online status a secret from everyone.

While this option fulfills its primary goal, it should be noted that selecting it will also hide other users’ online statuses. Simply put, you won’t be able to tell whether your friend is online. So, if you’re okay with it, activate the option right away. Or, for a better experience, hold off until WhatsApp formally launches the hide online status function in the upcoming weeks.

WhatsApp stated when the functionality was first introduced that it had been enabled for users who wanted to keep their online accounts private. The messaging service acknowledged that it would begin distributing the feature to all users in August, but nothing of the sort occurred. Therefore, we may anticipate the corporation officially launching the concealment online feature this month.

You only need to open WhatsApp and navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy once the feature is activated. You can now hide your online status by selecting the “Last Seen and Online” option at the top of the screen.

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