Honda CD 70 2023 Is Here With THIS Huge Upgrade

The annual wait is over, as the new Honda CD 70 model has arrived, and the company has made significant improvements to it. Before we get into this year’s model, let’s go over last year’s model, which had 101 changes. New stickers, environmentally friendly seating, and a high-performance engine were among the changes.

Furthermore, Atlas Honda provided a new clutch assembly, a low friction piston design, better clutch friction, a seat base, a low friction piston design, and a hard chrome-coated oil ring. You can read about these changes in depth here.

Upgrade in New Bike


Yes, you read that correctly, Atlas Honda has given a completely new sticker in the latest model, can you believe it? For example, a proper new sticker on both the fuel tank and the side cover.

So, the design change in the sticker is that it is greener, with a bit of white and a couple of lines with a sharp pointed design. The most noticeable design change is on the side cover, where there is a distinct new line that distinguishes the new bike from the older model.

Here are the photos:

Honda CD 70
Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan
Honda CD 70 2023

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 

Right now Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan is Rs. 116,500. However, according to our sources, some dealerships are asking Rs. 119,500 for the new model. It is also important to note that the company has repeatedly raised the price of this bike without providing a valid reason.

What are your thoughts on the Honda CD-70-2023? Do you believe the upgrade is significant? Please share your reviws in the comments section.

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