How To Delete Cache On Ps3?

What is a cache?

A cache, which is pronounced “cash,” is a kind of hardware or software that is used to temporarily store something in a computing environment, typically data.

To enhance the performance of recently or frequently accessed data, a small amount of faster, more expensive memory is used. Data that has been cached is transiently stored on a local storage device that is accessible to the cache client and unrelated to the main storage. The central processing unit (CPU), applications, Web browsers, and operating systems all frequently use cache.



How To Delete Cache On Ps3?

The question is why delete cache from any o your devices? Clearing or deleting the cache in your browser is a good idea because it:

  • Tends to stop you from utilizing outdated forms
  • Safeguards your personal data
  • Improves the performance of our applications on your computer

Regarding the subject of deleting the cache, you have two choices to do so. If a specific game is giving you problems, you can delete its cache. Alternatively, you could proceed a little and delete the console’s entire system cache memory.

There are two typical methods that are frequently used to delete the cache memory on a PS3 console. Below are these two straightforward techniques:

Method 1: Delete the system’s cache memory

All you need to do is to go to the “internet browser” first,

How To Delete Cache On Ps3?

Go to the menu on the right corner and select “Tools

After clicking on tools there you will see more options open in a new window, here you will see the third last option Delete cache. Select this option.

Once you select “delete cache” the next thing you will see on your screen is like that;

Click on “Yes” to delete caches on PS3. For your convenience here is a video tutorial to make it more simple.

Method 2: Delete a particular game’s Cache memory

Step 1:Restart the gaming device.

Step 2: From the XMB, navigate to the Games section.

Step 3: Find the game utility option by scrolling.

Step 4: Scroll through until you locate the game that’s giving you trouble.

Step 5: Click the Triangle button after selecting the game.

Step 6: A menu of options will appear. On it, choose Delete, and then click the X button to confirm.

Step 7: Press the R1 and L1 buttons together as you start up the game.

Now, this might alter some game settings that you will need to restore.

On the PS3, deleting the cache, temporary files, and cookies can occasionally work wonders. Here is how to do that.

How to Delete PS3 Cookies

Step 1: Go to the Network tab after restarting the console.

Step 2: Next, choose Internet Browser, and then click the triangle. After that, there might be an error. But disregard that advice.

Step 3: Next, select Tools and press the controller’s X button.

Step 4: The cookies option is located there. Then, click and hold the X button over it. To confirm, select Yes.

Will game progress be lost if the cache is deleted?

No, deleting the cache won’t wipe out your game progress.

Why delete the PS3 cache?

You won’t lose any game progress or have your data reset as a result of using the cache on your system, which is an interesting feature. Therefore, before deleting game data, try clearing the game’s cache if your game is lagging. You can also reinstall the game and restart it from scratch.


On your PS3, the cache is a collection of significant temporary files that shorten load times and improve the user experience. Deleting them occasionally, though, might improve how you use the console. Knowing how to delete the PS3 cache could help you relive some of the fun times you had when you first got the console.

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