Suzuki Bolan AC Variant Discontinued

Unfavorable news: The Suzuki Bolan AC variant has been discontinued, exactly one year after it was introduced.

According to our sources and Suzuki dealerships, the company has chosen to once again put an end to the development of this variant. If you recall, we informed you that the “AC wala Dabba” is returning after a pause of nearly 15 years in September 2021.



Launched in 2006-2007, the first Suzuki Bolan with AC was a failure, primarily because of overheating and poor engine performance. Similar to the Suzuki Mehran, the AC was discontinued because of its poor performance, particularly during the summer. Bolan’s engine is also located under the driver’s seat, so an overheated engine would be extremely uncomfortable for the driver.

We examined the current Suzuki Bolan after its comeback last year and came to the conclusion that the body vibrates after the AC is turned on. Although its throw was strong, we had hoped that it would be a success this time. Unfortunately, multiple Suzuki Pakistan dealerships confirmed that the AC variant has been discontinued.

Possible Reasons for Failure

Overheating, body vibration, and engine power loss could be the first causes, as we already mentioned. And the reason we are bringing them up is that it has happened before, and there is a good chance it will happen again.

The second likely explanation is that the company installed a certain number of AC units last year and has since decided that the AC variant is not financially viable.

The third reason might be weak sales, particularly in the previous two months, as the company only sold 580 Suzuki Bolan units in June and July 2022.

What do you think of the Suzuki Bolan AC’s second discontinuation? Please post your comments in the section below.

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