Your Ultimate Guide to FBR Online Verification Services

Do you want to check if your name is on the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) Active Taxpayer’s List (ATL), but are unsure how to do it?

This blog is for you if the answer to that question is yes.

Taxpayers should be aware of how to check their information online for accuracy as the deadline for filing income tax returns is approaching. Fortunately, people and businesses can check their profiles and status in the ATL online thanks to the official FBR website. As an alternative, one can file their tax returns, make payments, and verify their information using the Tax Asaan app.

Please note that the FBR has changed the tab on its official website and Tax Asaan App from “Online NTN/STRN Inquiry” to “Taxpayer Profile Inquiry.”

How to verify your status on the ATL online?

Checking your name on Pakistan’s Active Taxpayer’s List is very easy. Simply go to the FBR website and select the “Online Verification Portal” link under “Online Services.”

Please click on “Active Taxpayer List (Income Tax)” after being redirected to the Online Verification System and choose the desired parameter type. Before clicking the “Verify” button, enter the registration number, date, and verification code in the appropriate fields.

How to verify your taxpayer profile online?

Your Ultimate Guide to FBR Online Verification Services

By selecting CNIC or NTN in the parameter box and entering your CNIC number or National Tax Number in the “Registration No.” box without the dashes, you can check the accuracy of your taxpayer profile. Then, after entering the verification code, press the “Verify” button to get the following information:

  • Registration No
  • Reference No
  • Registered for Sales Tax
  • Name
  • Category
  • PP/REG/INC No.
  • Email
  • Cell
  • Address
  • Registered On
  • Tax Office
  • Registration Status

How to access online verification services through FBR’s tax Asaan app

The smart mobile application Tax Asaan offers a subset of the IRIS Web application’s features. The Federal Board of Revenue now makes a variety of verification services readily available to taxpayers (FBR).

You can now check the Active Taxpayers’ List, conduct an NTN inquiry, or conduct an online STRN inquiry through the FBR’s Tax Asaan App, in addition to making e-payments through the app or completing the streamlined sales tax registration process for businesses.



This blog post will guide you through using the recently released Tax Asaan App, which is revolutionizing Pakistan’s tax system and is provided by the Federal Board of Revenue. The government is also updating the Tax Asaan App’s tax return filing procedure to give taxpayers who want to file electronic returns access while they are on the go.

Install the Tax Asaan App from FBR using the Google Play Store. The Tax Asaan App should be opened. The home screen will now show up. When the main menu appears, you must first log into your account.

verify name on Active Taxpayer's List FBR

After logging in, select the Online Verification System tab. A drop-down menu with the following sub-options will then appear.

  • Active Taxpayer List (ATL)
  • Taxpayer Profile Inquiry
  • Exemption Certificate
  • Notices and Orders Verification
  • Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR) Utilization Status

How to verify your name in the ATL after filing the income tax return

You can now check your taxpayer status more easily. The status of taxpayers can now be verified with the click of a button. Click on the Active Taxpayer List tab to access the online verification services via the Tax Asaan App. The user will be taken to the page for ATL verification. Without space or a dash, enter the registration number, which is the seven-digit National Tax Number, or NTN. Alternatively, you can enter your CNIC number directly, without any dashes.

By selecting a specific date using the calendar icon. To check whether you are a taxpayer, click the Verify button.

How to get verify your taxpayer profile via the tax Asaan app

With a few clicks on the Tax Asaan app, you can access all of the information related to your taxpayer profile.

To access online verification services through the Tax Asaan App, click the button labeled Taxpayer Profile Inquiry. You will receive complete details, including your CNIC, name, address, ATL status, and date of registration, after entering your CNIC number and clicking the “Verify” button.

How to get information about exemption certificates via the tax Asaan app

The details of any tax exemptions you receive from FBR are also available on the app. Simply select the Exemption Certificates tab from the Verification Tab, which can be found here. You will be redirected to the appropriate landing page by the clever app. In the space provided, type the “bar code reference.” For comprehensive information, click the verify button. You will receive information such as your name, registration number, tax year, the section under which you received the exemption certificate, the date of issuance, and whether it is still in effect.

How to get notices/orders information via tax Assan app

Follow these steps to obtain all relevant information regarding any notices or orders issued by FBR. The user will be directed to the appropriate page when they click on the Notices and Orders Verification Tab under the Verification button. In the space provided, type the Order Reference Number. Next, select the verify button. The given notice’s status and full information would be displayed on the screen.

Generate online payments

epayments via Tax Asaan App

It is simple to generate a PSID and make payments to the FBR online thanks to the online services provided by the Tax Asaan App.

The application will direct you to the appropriate page if you click on the e-payment options. Choose the nature of the payment, enter your registration number, add the tax year and tax month, and then choose the type of payment you intend to make. You can move on to the following step and make your payment once you have completed all the necessary fields.

Benefits of getting an NTN

Let’s examine a few advantages of obtaining your national tax number as well.

  • You can now file income taxes in the income tax department after receiving an NTN.
  • By displaying his National Tax Number, a businessman is eligible for numerous benefits.
  • Businesspeople with an NTN number are seen as more reliable.
  • Additionally, it demonstrates your tax-paying history and your loyalty to your nation.
  • You can also join many society clubs exclusively by displaying your NTN.
  • On the basis of your NTN, you can also take part in government auctions and enter into contracts with the government.
  • Members of the chambers of commerce and industry may also hold an NTN.
  • Foreign visas are simple to obtain for those who timely file their income taxes and possess a valid NTN.

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