Best Batteries for UPS in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with a severe lack of energy, so you can’t always rely on the public infrastructure for an unbroken supply of electricity. As a result, you must install an alternative power supply system in your home and office. You would obviously need a battery for this.

Which battery should you get for your UPS when there are so many to choose from and each one claims to be the best? This blog will address this query and others.



Types of Batteries for UPS

In Pakistan, there are primarily two types of UPS batteries.

  1. Lead Acid Batteries for UPS
  2. Lithium Ion Batteries or Dry Batteries for UPS

The most widely used batteries are lead-acid ones. A stronger variety of lead acid batteries is the tubular battery, also referred to as a deep cycle battery.

The second kind, a dry battery or lithium-ion battery, costs more but has a longer lifespan and needs little to no maintenance.

If you can afford them, lithium-ion or dry batteries are the best. Otherwise, you ought to choose a lead-acid battery. So let’s examine Pakistan’s top UPS batteries.

Best Batteries for UPS in Pakistan

Daewoo Battery

Best Batteries for UPS in Pakistan

Due to their longevity and strong backup, Daewoo batteries are among the best batteries. Daewoo offers two different battery types. Deep Cycle and Simple Lead Acid (Lead Acid) The latter, with the black head, are the best in terms of durability and battery life. They have the attributes listed below.

  • Best-in-Class Vent Caps
  • Weld System
  • Robust Separators
  • Grid Manufacturing
  • Paste Formulation
  • Rounded Corners
  • Improves corrosion capacity by reinforcing the depth of the grid
  • Sustains power for longer periods
  • Makes grid size uniform and electrical flow
  • Make sure internal short circuit protection by applying special-frame
  • 4BS (Tetrabasic Lead Sulfate) is applied to the (+) plate to improve the life cycle and maximize the capacity
  • 4BS (4PbO) is produced due to the reaction of lead oxide with sulphuric acid; the chemical formula ‎PbSO4

For UPS, Daewoo deep cycle batteries come in capacities ranging from 85-220 AH.

Daewoo Battery Price in Pakistan

Depending on size and capacity, Daewoo batteries cost as little as Rs. 17,500 and as much as Rs. 41,500 in Pakistan.

AGS Battery

Best Batteries for UPS in Pakistan

In the country, AGS is a well-known battery manufacturer. Many people believe that AGS batteries are the best available in Pakistan. It is because of their dependability, wide variety, and impressive backup. Atlas owns the brand AGS (commonly known as Honda Atlas). To ensure quality standards, their batteries have received international certification.

AGS batteries are available in a huge variety. For UPS, their battery capacity can reach 220 AH and starts at 45 AH.

AGS Battery Price in Pakistan 

The cost of an AGS battery in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 11,200 to Rs. 46,600.

Osaka Battery

A well-known company called Osaka is well-known for its inexpensive batteries. Lead acid batteries from Osaka are available in a variety of configurations, including tubular, dry-charged, maintenance-free (no water loss or evaporation protection), and valve-regulated batteries. Osaka batteries range in capacity from 40 to 260 AH for UPS.


Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan

The cost of an Osaka battery in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 7,400 to Rs. 56,200.

Exide Battery

Exide batteries are frequently purchased for vehicles as well as for UPS. Prior to the introduction of AGS and later Daewoo, its batteries were regarded as the best. Some people still believe in the brand name. For UPS, the batteries range from 40 to 200 AH. Exide also sells tubular batteries and basic lead acid batteries.


Exide Battery Price in Pakistan 

Exide batteries cost between Rs. 7,500 and Rs. 57,500 in Pakistan.

Phoenix Battery

Phoenix has established itself as one of the top UPS battery brands in Pakistan. Phoenix provides a wide selection of batteries with various uses. Phoenix offers a wide selection of batteries, even for UPS. Although the brand also offers a line of tubular batteries, the majority of them are straightforward lead acid batteries. For UPS, its battery capacity is between 40 and 280 AH.

Phoenix Battery Price in Pakistan 

Phoenix batteries cost between Rs. 7,800 and Rs. 61,500 in Pakistan.


Your search is over if you were looking for the best UPS battery in Pakistan. The most well-known battery brands in the nation and their costs have been mentioned. Both durability and superior backup are hallmarks of the top two brands on this list.

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