How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

TikTok was introduced in September of 2019, almost six years ago, and has since grown to be one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing videos. TikTok is a 3 to 10-minute short-form video-sharing app that lets users make and share videos about any subject.

TikTok is a well-known company and a favorite among people between the ages of 13 and 40, with over 1 billion users and over 200 million downloads worldwide.

The maximum video length on TikTok as of February 10th, 2022, is 10 minutes. This represents a significant improvement over the prior maximum of 3 minutes and an even greater leap when you take into account that the app initially only supported videos of a maximum length of 15 seconds.



How to film TikTok?

On TikTok, you have two ways to create videos:

  • Using your camera to record video and another app to edit it
  • Using the TikTok app to record videos and edit them

Alternatively, you could add images and/or videos from your camera roll while also editing them in the TikTok app.

Here are our top ideas for producing original and eye-catching TikTok videos, whether you use the native app or the camera on your phone.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

In this blog, I will explain in detail how to make a video in the TikTok app and how to edit it, so let’s get started.

You may find expensive software to edit TikTok videos on the internet in the different tutorials but I prefer to use the TikTok app to edit your video with no extra money to spend.

First option is to record and edit the video on TikTok

  • First, open the Tiktok app on your device, and click on the + sign at the bottom of the screen.
How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial
  • After clicking on that you have the ability to record the video. It looks like this.
How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial
  • Before recording the video you have the option to choose the background sound, for this, you have to click on sounds; there you will see so many options to add background sound. It’s totally up to you if you want to add a song or just dialogue from any movie.

Tip: if you want to avoid copyright issues, make a video with your own audio.

  • There are a bunch of different ways to record the video on TikTok. for the first I will show you recording video with a timer option.
How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial
  • By selecting a timmer option, the TikTok app will record your video for only mentioned period of time that you select your choice. For example, if you set a 4-second video, and after 4 seconds it will cut off and you can hands-free video.
How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Once you click on a timer, you will see this on your screen, here you need to select the duration of the video you want to record. As mentioned above, suppose you set 4 seconds of video. Before recording the video you will get 3 seconds to get ready and then your real video time started.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial
How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial
  • Once the video is recorded your timer will end automatically.

Second Option is to record and edit the video on TikTok

If you don’t want to use the timer option, here is another way to record the video. Simply tap on the red circle button on the bottom of the screen and just let it record until you hit stop or until it runs out the time.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

A third option is to record and edit the video on TikTok

The third option is also very simple you just need to hold the red circle button for little segments. Make as much as you want to record videos for any duration of time.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Filming & editing your TikTok videos

Record clips and adjust them

After shooting your video in clips, you can edit them before sharing. Clips can be rearranged, their lengths can be adjusted, effects can be added to each clip individually, captions can be added, and more. Existing video clips in your camera roll can be used in the same way.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

When you shoot in clips, you have more editing freedom for your TikTok video. For instance, Cinnamon Hotels creates visually appealing videos by combining brief clips:

@cinnamonhotels Wind down and experience the soothing breeze by the pool while you spin the cocktail wheel for a fun time at Breeze Bar! #fyp #cocktails #bar #cinnamongrandcolombo #unwind ♬ What? Am I? – akil elijah

Adjust the recording speed

Utilize the built-in Speed feature to experiment with the speed of your TikTok video. You must change the speed setting before beginning to record using this option, which is located on the recording screen.

You have five options on TikTok to either slow down, keep normal, or speed up your video: 0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and 3x.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

You can make time lapses, cinematic videos, and short, engaging videos by changing the speed of your video. See how SHEIN combines sped-up clips of their products in use to create entertaining “life hack” videos.

@shein_official Hacks to make life easier !! ⚡️ #SHEIN #funstuff ♬ HAPPY STUTTER PROD SUAVÉ LEE – prod.suavelee

After recording your video, you have two choices for changing the speed:

To slow down a specific section of your clip, select Slow-mo from the edit screen’s Effects and select Time. Your video cannot be sped up in this manner.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Save a recently recorded video to your phone, then upload it again. You can also upload a previously recorded clip from your camera roll. To change the speed, tap Adjust clips and choose the timer icon. The same five choices that were listed above are available to you.

Use filters to enhance your Tiktok video

Similar to the majority of other content creation apps, TikTok offers a selection of filters to improve the visual appeal of your videos. These consist of:

Color Filters: Change the tint, saturation, temperature, and other color-related settings to change the mood of your video.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Beautify: Enhance your appearance by using tools for modifying facial features, such as modifying the shape of your mouth and nose, teeth whitening, eye brightness, makeup overlays, and more.

Enhance: Use this one-click preset setting to automatically adjust the brightness, exposure, and colors of pre-recorded clips.

Even if your videos are taken with an average camera on a mobile phone, filters can help them look better.

Get creative with video effects on Tiktok

TikTok’s inventive library of interactive and augmented reality visual effects, which the platform keeps growing, is one of the main factors contributing to its success.

You can use one of two different types of video effects:

Effects for the recording screen: You can use these effects to film your TikTok using the app. They can be found on your recording screen. There are countless effects available, including quizzes, AR filters, beauty filters, green-screen effects, trending effects, ambience effects, and more.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Editing screen effects: These effects are distinct from the effects that appear on the recording screen and can be applied to previously recorded videos. By tapping Effects on the editing screen, you can access these. These include motion effects, stickers, transitions, split and time effects, as well as visual effects like Rainbow Strobe, Rain, Flash, Zoom, and Glitch.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

You can experiment with effects that are used in other videos. This is a quick way to capitalize on popular TikTok trends. You can get ideas for how to use effects creatively by looking at other videos for inspiration.

Decorate your video with stickers

Similar to Instagram Stories stickers, TikTok’s stickers allow you to interact with your audience by adding Poll, Question, Mention, Hashtag, and other stickers. Alternately, use animated stickers to add impact to your message and improve the visual appeal of your videos.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

On the editing screen, you can add stickers to pre-recorded videos. You can use the search bar at the top to look for pertinent stickers. Depending on the nation you’re in, there are also regional or localized stickers.

Create transitions between clips

One of the effect types you can use in TikTok to enhance pre-recorded or uploaded video clips is a transition. These are excellent to include in between clips to give your videos a more cinematic appearance.

To avoid awkward or abrupt cuts between clips, for instance, you can add cool transitions like Switch Off, Switch On, Zoom In, Shooting Frame, and others.

Upload clips from your camera roll

You can upload high-definition videos from your camera roll with a resolution of up to 1080p on TikTok.

This implies that you can edit your video before uploading it to TikTok on a different device, like your computer using expert video editing software. Businesses that want to maintain their brand image and post content on the platform that appears professional should consider this option.

Additionally, it gives you the freedom to organise your videos and turn any existing content into short TikTok videos.

Writing TikTok captions

Manually add text to your video

You can add text overlays to your videos on TikTok. This serves two purposes in particular:

Make your videos easier to access. 92% of US consumers watch videos on their mobile devices with the sound off, according to a Verizon study. It makes it simpler for everyone to consume your content, including those who are watching without audio, by adding text captions.

Make your point louder. Text captions can be used to highlight key concepts, highlight CTAs and other words or phrases, and generally make your videos more comprehensible and engaging.

Tap the text icon from the right-side menu on your editing screen to add on-screen text to your video. Additionally, you can include several lines or blocks of text in your videos.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Adding context and enhancing your message through text captions and descriptions is another way to create engaging TikToks. We’ll look at some best practices in this section for including text in your TikTok videos.

Customize your text captions

Customize your text to stand out or comply to the theme of your video to make it stand out.

For on-screen captions, TikTok has several built-in text editing options. The text’s colour, font, alignment, and background design are all editable. Your text can be resized and moved around as well.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Use auto-captions for spoken audio

As part of their accessibility features, TikTok introduced auto-captions last year to make it simpler for creators to connect with viewers who are deaf or have hearing issues.

By selecting Captions on the editing screen, you can enable auto-captions for any recorded or uploaded video with spoken audio. You’ll see automatically generated captions after a brief processing period that you can easily edit by hand.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Adjust the duration of your text

By modifying the duration, you can also automatically add and remove text from your videos. With multiple lines of text throughout your video, you can tell a story, describe a scene, include several CTAs, pose questions, or draw attention to certain words.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Tap your text and choose “Set Duration” from the pop-up menu to change the duration. Then, specify when the text should appear on or disappear from your video using the timeline editor.

Create concise and informative captions

Make sure your text captions for your TikTok videos are succinct and educational. Avoid writing lengthy paragraphs that ramble on about a subject without making a point.

It’s preferable to summarize the main points when transcribing spoken audio rather than typing every word exactly. According to the most recent TikTok statistics, the most popular videos on the app effectively convey their message within the first three seconds.

It’s possible that they won’t stay for very long. So, be sure it’s worth their time to watch your video.

Adding audio & sound effects

For your TikTok videos, the right music and sound effects can really help to elevate the quality of your content. To increase engagement, we’ll discuss how to add audio to your TikToks in this section.

Use trending music and sounds

Trending music is frequently the sole factor in a TikTok going viral.

Brands and content producers can join the trend and use popular sounds to produce videos that not only receive more views but are also given preference by the algorithm.

By selecting Add a Sound at the top of your recording or editing screen, you can locate popular music. Browse the sound library or use the search bar to look for particular sounds.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

You can also use audio from other videos, particularly popular ones. Finding popular music to use in your own videos can be done quickly using this method.

Utilizing popular sounds will help you draw in a larger audience. People might begin watching your video for another reason, but they’ll keep watching because of the music. Or, they might be specifically looking for videos with a certain sound, like dance competitions.

Create Original Audio with viral potential

While using popular music is a quick and simple way to increase engagement, if done correctly, making an amazing Original Audio Track can also be very rewarding.

The audio in your video can essentially be reused by anyone on TikTok, even if it was your original voiceover. This presents a huge opportunity for brands, creators, and musicians alike to go viral by coming up with a catchy beat, a clever voiceover, or anything else.

Even better, launch a contest to entice users to use your original audio. By tapping the disc icon in the bottom-right corner of your published video, you can see who used your audio.

Record a voice over

Need a narrator for your videos? Using the “Voiceover” button on the editing screen, you can record a voiceover after filming your TikTok.

How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

Making reaction videos, narrating behind-the-scenes video, or fusing original sounds with music all benefit from this.

Play around with voice effects

You can get creative and add voice effects to a voiceover or original sound in your video to make it more interesting.

A selection of voice effects, including Chipmunk, Robot, Megaphone, and others, are available to experiment with on TikTok.

Top 3 TikTok video editing apps

Even though TikTok’s built-in video editing tools are excellent on their own, you might want to use outside apps to give your videos a distinctive and even more artistic look. These 3 video editing programs will help you create interesting TikToks.


How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

The popular video editing program InShot has a user-friendly interface and practical features. The app allows you to trim and cut videos, add stickers, background blur, cinematic filters, music, voiceovers, and other effects.

Although InShot is free to use, the watermark cannot be removed without upgrading to the premium version. It is available on iOS and Android as well.


How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

CapCut, TikTok’s own video editor, is a favorite among creators for a reason. It is jam-packed with imaginative filters, intriguing soundtracks, and some fundamental video editing tools like speed, split, and trimming.

CapCut has over 250 million downloads on both iOS and Android due to the fact that it is a fairly straightforward app that is also entirely free to use.


How To Edit Video On Tiktok: A Quick Tutorial

A hip, trendy app for creating TikTok videos and stories is called Funimate. Masks, AI effects, text effects, intros, outros, and other inventive tools that enable you to create original videos are some of its most well-liked features.

Although the app is free, it contains advertisements. To remove ads, you would need to upgrade to the Pro version.

Can you edit a TikTok after posting?

No. After a TikTok video is published, it cannot be edited. A video’s description, however, can be changed after it has been published.

You would have to delete the video and re-upload it if you made a mistake or uploaded the incorrect video. Before publishing, make sure to save heavily edited videos as draughts so you won’t have to start over from scratch if you make a small error.

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