Limited Time Offer – Kia Sportage Price In Pakistan Reduced

Kia Sportage’s price in Pakistan has been reduced as part of a limited-time promotion. Your love for Kia is stronger than ever, the company wrote in a social media post. And as a token of our gratitude, we are launching a sale on Pakistan’s most demanding SUV.

The prices have been reduced up to Rs. 251,000, according to the post.

New Reduced Price of Kia Sportage

The price of the first and base variant, the Kia Sportage Alpha, dropped by Rs. 251,000, dropping from Rs. 6,250,000 to Rs. 5,999,000.

The second one, a Kia Sportage Front Wheel Drive (FWD), is now available for Rs. 101,000 less than it was previously, at Rs. 6,649,000 as opposed to Rs. 6,750,000.



The price of the top-of-the-line Kia Sportage All Wheel Drive (AWD) model was reduced by Rs. 101,000, going from Rs. 7,250,000 to Rs. 7,149,000.

ModelVariantOld Price (Rs.)Discounted Price (Rs.)Decrease (Rs.)  

It is important to note that Kia Lucky Motors has not made the duration of this offer clear. Visit your local Kia dealership to reserve the model of your choice. In response to the Pakistani rupee’s strong performance against the US dollar, the car manufacturer has lowered its prices. The dollar price dropped from a record high of Rs. 240 in the interbank market ten days ago to Rs. 227 today.

Although these Kia Sportage car prices are temporary, it is still a good move by the company to give customers some relief. We can anticipate price reductions from the local auto companies if the rupee continues to perform well against the US dollar. However, the performance should remain consistent over the coming few months as it would promote industry stability, which would benefit consumers.

So let’s all pray that in the upcoming months the dollar rate and the auto market will remain stable.

What are your thoughts on this limited-time offer on the Kia Sportage price in Pakistan? Do you intend to reserve a Sportage? Please post your comments in the section below.

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