Sazgar Fully Electric Rickshaws Now Available For Booking

Following electric vehicles, it’s time to observe how 3-wheelers are transforming the country. Sazgar, the top producer of three-wheelers in Pakistan, has now made them available for reservation through Sazgar.

The company claims that it will reduce fuel and other maintenance costs as well. Details show that it will annually save Rs. 226,800 on fuel and Rs. 66,000 on maintenance.

Sazgar eVe Electric Rickshaw Design

Given that we have enough and inexpensive electricity to power its three wheels, the Sazgar eVe electric rickshaw has the potential to revolutionise the way we travel. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at its design, specifications, features, and most crucially, price.

The 2021 Sazgar eVe is a modern shape of our cultural rickshaws that is designed to fulfil urban travel needs.

Sazgar eVe: Specs | Features & Claims

72V, 90Ah, 6.5 Kw/h72V, 125Ah, 9 Kw/h72V, 160Ah, 11.5 Kw/h
Charging Time4 hours5 hours5 hours
Approx Range100 Km/h160 Km/h210 Km/h
Motor2 Kw/h3 Kw/h3 Kw/h
Gross Weight370 Kg370 Kg370 Kg
Front BrakeDiscDiscDisc
Rear BrakeDiscDiscDisc
Front SuspensionHydraulic Shock AbsorptionHydraulic Shock AbsorptionHydraulic Shock Absorption
Rear SuspensionLeaf Spring Shock AbsorberLeaf Spring Shock AbsorberLeaf Spring Shock Absorber

The specifications sheet for this e-rickshaw, which is displayed on the company’s website, makes it apparent that three battery packs would be offered. We obtained these figures from the official website of Sazgar Company.

Let’s move on to eVe’s unique aspects:

  • Two DRLs
  • Ambient illumination
  • Automatic gearknob rotation
  • Electronic speedometers
  • Housing for handlebars
  • USB port
  • Blue-toned bench seats with texture for the driver and passenger
  • Contrasting exterior

Sazgar eVe Price in Pakistan

As per three variants of Sazgar eVe so we got three different price range as well.

72V, 90Ah, 6.5 Kw/h100 Km/hRs.720,000
72V, 125Ah, 9 Kw/h160 Km/hRs.825,000
72V, 160Ah, 11.5 Kw/h210 Km/hRs.925,000

Share your thought about this innovation, what do you think it will change our auto industry or not? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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