Nadra Launches App Enabling Citizens to Access Data Faster

The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) launched a mobile application called “Rahbar” that would not only allow citizens across the country to find the nearest Nadra Service Centre but also deliver much more with a single click, marking yet another step toward making operations in Pakistan digital.


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When launching the citizen-focused mobile application, Tariq Malik, the chairman of Nadra, stated: “Citizens living inside Pakistan were unable to know about the location of the Nadra center that best matched their area.” With Rahbar, citizens can now visit any Nadra center, knowing the location, distance, number of applicants awaiting their turn, and average processing time.

He claims that such initiatives aim to change Nadra offices into centers for citizen services rather than just registration, and the application would ensure that citizens are treated with the utmost ease.

Additionally, he added: “Nadra’s service will be in the spotlight moving forward.” This is a real example of the digital government in Pakistan.

People would also be able to access real-time information about the locations of all Nadra registration centers and the number of people waiting in line for their turn using this application. Offices would be shown on a map and in a list by the program. Along with the registration office, the map would also show where the nearby Mobile Registration Van is located, making it simple for people to find any Nadra center.

The tool includes filters to sort the Nadra centers, including female-only, executive, and standard Nadra centers. To update the data, the application contains an auto-refresh option that will run every three minutes.


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Additionally, it includes a search engine of its own that enables users to look up any Nadra office by city, name, or location. This application has been specifically created in both Urdu and English to assist every Pakistani.

This mobile navigational software demonstrates Nadra’s technological prowess and citizen-centric perspective. The app can be downloaded from the easily accessible Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS) from anywhere in Pakistan. It should be noted that Nadra has consistently worked to improve the lives of Pakistani citizens by offering a wide variety of services.

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