Suzuki GSX 125: Design | Specs | Features | Price & More

Since Suzuki stopped making the GS150SE (Special Edition) in July 2022, it was anticipated that the firm would introduce a replacement model.

On its Facebook page, Suzuki has posted a teaser image of a new bike that looks similar to the GSX 125. It is almost certain that you will soon be able to purchase a GSX125 in your market.

Let’s start by analyzing its design.


It has a contemporary appearance, and the designer took care to give you the impression that it is an aggressive, sporty bike. The GSX125’s body is slim. It looks aggressive with alloy wheels. In fact, it doesn’t resemble the GS150SE at all.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications and features it has to offer.

Suzuki GSX125: Specs & Features

Here are a few of this bike’s short highlights:

  • Engine: A 125cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel tank
  • 10.45 horsepower
  • 9.2 Nm of torque
  • 5-speed constant-mesh transmission with return shift
  • 42 km/l is the fuel efficiency.
  • Dual-piston caliper disc brakes up front
  • Rear brake: drum
  • Front suspension: two inverted fork tubes
  • Rear suspension: shock absorbers that are spring-loaded
  • Weight at the curb: 126 kg

Suzuki GSX125 Price in Pakistan

In the beginning, the Suzuki GSX125 would be imported, or CBU. Its cost is expected to be between Rs. 345,000 and Rs. 375,000. However, its price may decrease a little once Suzuki begins producing it locally.



Expected Launch

Suzuki has not yet made any announcements about its launch. Therefore, keep checking our website because we’ll update this information as soon as we hear from the company.


This motorcycle is intended for folks who are debating between purchasing a Yamaha YBR125 or a Honda CB125F. This population segment would have one additional bike to choose from once it was launched.

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