How To Delete Audio From Powerpoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation application that creates a slide show with important data, figures, and graphics for a presentation. It can be shortened to PP or PPT. It is most frequently used in academic and professional presentations.



Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful application for making slide shows. As a component of the business’s Microsoft Office suite software, it is packaged with Word, Excel, and additional office productivity tools. The application uses slides to present multimedia-rich information.

Where do you find or start PowerPoint?

You can access PowerPoint in your Start menu if you have Microsoft PowerPoint or the whole Microsoft Office suite installed on your computer.

TIP: If you do not want to buy Microsoft Office and do not want to spend money, you can use Google Slides. It is a free online presentation tool.

PowerPoint example

PowerPoint slides can include text, photos, all videos, or all animated text and images. Similar to Microsoft Word, text can be formatted with custom color, size, and font types.

Although PowerPoint’s appearance and feel have improved over time, its functionality has mostly not changed.



Add or delete audio files in PowerPoint

Adding audio to PowerPoint point presentations such as narration, music, sound voice, or even recording to make your presentation stand out is very important.

First, we will learn how to add sounds to a PowerPoint presentation, let’s get started.

  • To do that select insert.
  • Then select Audio. From there select Audio on my PC. As shown in the image.
  • Then select the audio files that are already downloaded to your PC, and select that specific file. Click on insert to add the audio to your presentation.
  • An audio icon will appear on the slide. You can move this audio icon anywhere on the slide.

How To Delete Audio From Powerpoint?

After learning how to add audio, music, or narrations to the PowerPoint slides now i will show you how to delete audio or narration from PowerPoint. Let’s get started.

  • Here ill show how to delete some or all the audio from within a PowerPoint presentation. In case you get a slide that is already inserted audio and you want to remove audio from an individual slide simply click on the speaker icon and press the delete.
  • Alternatively, you can go to the slide show tab and click on the Record Slide Show button on a PC and there will be a drop-down list, and select Clear.
  • As you can see there are many options as per your requirement. Here you can select clear narrations on the current slide or clear narrations on all slides as well.

That’s it. it was so simple to do both ways whatever you find easy to do.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section if you have any other questions or want more blogs like this.

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