How To Download Videos From Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an excellent messaging app that lets users send texts, images, videos, and GIFs to one another. However, is it possible to keep those entertaining or funny movies on your device indefinitely?

Facebook is a social networking site that promotes frequent use and activity among its users. Therefore, it makes sense that you couldn’t download videos through Messenger. But fortunately, this post will show you how to store those memories on your device.

How to Download Videos from Facebook Messenger

It is no longer necessary to screen-record a video sent over Messenger, at least not right away. Facebook Messenger videos can be downloaded. However, it also matters which device you are using.

Every operating system and web browser will be covered in our article on how to download movies from Messenger.

How to Download Videos From Facebook Messenger – Web Browser

Using a web browser, downloading videos from Facebook is comparatively simple. But you have to go to the Messenger website to do that. You must carry out the following:

On Facebook, click the Messenger icon in the top right corner to start it.

Pick the chat option for the video you want to download. Then, a downward-pointing arrow appears next to your friend’s name.

Click Open in Messenger in the new window that appears to the left of the chat.

The dialogue will become full-screen in a new tab that opens. Search for the video or choose Media from the right-hand menu.

Note: Click the I icon in the upper right if you can’t see the menu.

For the video you wish to download, just select it.

It will start playing in full-screen mode. To download the video, click the download button at the top.

Your video is now downloading. It is stored on your computer in the Downloads folder.

Download Videos From Facebook Messenger – iOS & Android

You can download videos from Messenger to your iOS or Android device if you want to use the Facebook Messenger mobile app. What you should do is:

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app, then choose the chat to access the video there.
  • Search the chat for the video you wish to download. The Media and Files folder is another option.
  • iOS users can access the media folder by clicking their friend’s name at the top.
  • To access the media folder, Android users simply hit the I icon in the top right corner.

Click on View, media, files, and Links.

From here you need to select the video you want to download.

Click on More.

Click on Save.

Your desired video will be saved in a folder.

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