Here Are the Top Trending Videos in Pakistan on Youtube [2022]

YouTube has recently published a list of the top music videos, shorts, and trending videos in Pakistan for the year 2022. It is simple to draw the conclusion that Pakistani viewers cherished a variety of entertainment all year long.

Farhan S. Qureshi, Country Director at Google, claims that YouTube has helped Pakistan develop an ecosystem where people can pursue their passions as full-time careers while also supporting their families.

He revealed that more than 5,400 Pakistani YouTube channels have more than 100,000 subscribers. One million or more people subscribe to more than 350 of them. In just one year, the number of Pakistani YouTube channels that bring in more than 1 million (PKR) has more than doubled.



This year, there were a ton of incredible content producers who topped numerous lists in various categories. They also won over YouTube users’ hearts with their originality and variety of content.

In 2022, the Pakistani drama and film industries controlled the most well-liked videos in the nation. The top video on the list of the most popular videos was a television movie called “Ruposh,” about a young couple starting their adventure of love and marriage. The first episodes of the well-known Pakistani dramas Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi and Sang-e-Mah were broadcast after it.

The complete list of the top trending videos is provided here.

Top Trending Videos

Top Shorts

This year, funny, fun and inventive short films were popular in Pakistan. The top shorts list for 2022 showed the enduring popularity of various types of content.

Here is a list of everything.

Top Music Videos

Coke Studio The outcomes of Pakistan’s achievement determined the best music videos of 2022. The song “Pasoori” by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill reached number one on the charts and has been seen over 450 million times on YouTube.

The Sufi song “Tu Jhoom” came in at number two, followed by Gur Sidhu’s “BAMB AAGYA” at number three. Hip-hop and classical music are both represented on this list of songs. It demonstrates how receptive Pakistani listeners are to various musical genres.

1. Coke Studio- Season 14- Pasoori

2. Coke Studio- Season 14- Tu Jhoom

3. BAMB AAGYA (Official Video) Gur Sidhu

4. THE LAST RIDE – Offical Video

5. Coke Studio- Season 14- Kana Yaari

6. Kacha Badam Song- Bhuban Badyakar

7. Humraazi- New Song

8. KAKA New Punjabi Song

9. LEVELS – Official Video

10. Aj Kal De Yaar Lootere

Top Creators

This year, YouTube Creators were at the top of their game, producing more unique and inventive videos than ever before. Daily vloggers Maaz Safder World (Ducky Bhai) and Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets claimed the top two positions (Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets).

The complete list is provided below:

  • Maaz Safder World
  • Ducky Bhai
  • Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets
  • Salman Noman
  • BaBa Food RRC
  • Shaz Safder World
  • Sistrology
  • Zulqarnain Sikandar
  • Mr. How
  • Naya Pakistan

Breakout Creators

Salman Noman is the head of the breakout YouTube creators, who have amassed a sizable following and displayed amazing growth. He currently has 10 million subscribers, which is an incredible achievement for a YouTube producer.

On the list of Breakout Creators were Shaz SafderWorld and Roman Khan. Their constancy and originality have served as an inspiration for every piece of content creation.

  • Salman Noman
  • Gulshan Kalra3.
  • mujjuu___14
  • Azhan5star
  • Pragati Verma Shorts
  • Shorts Break
  • Shaz Safder World
  • sagar kalra (Shorts)
  • jaanvi patel
  • Ishaan Ali 11

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