Made in Afghanistan Mada 9 Sports Car Unveiled

The first sports car manufactured in Afghanistan was finally unveiled. The Mada 9, a sports car made in Afghanistan, has been featured in a number of videos and images that have been going around for a while.

Muhammed Reza Ahmadi, an Afghan automobile engineer, unveiled his first sports car, to the cheers of the Taliban government in Afghanistan. The Taliban commanders can be seen encircling the supercar in the video posted to Twitter by Suhail Shaheen, the IEA’s proposed permanent representative to the UN:

A vehicle built by Afghan engineer M. Raza Mohammadi will be unveiled at a ceremony. All capable Afghan teenagers should seize the chance to creatively contribute to Afghanistan’s development and recovery.

Muhammed Reza, the CEO of Entop Auto Studio, designed the first sports car produced in Afghanistan for the Afghan Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center. The car isn’t actually for sale, according to Reza, despite numerous offers to the contrary.

Qatar Exhibition 2023 Debut

Ahmadi worked with 30 other engineers to develop the sports car over the course of more than 5 years. It had a Toyota Corolla engine that would eventually be replaced with a more modern engine if it were to be used in a race.

Reza expressed his confidence in the Mada 9 sports car’s inclusion at the Qatar Exhibition in Doha in 2023 while speaking to local media.

Ghulam Haidar Shahamat, the director of Afghanistan’s Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center, claims that the Qatari government has been contacted to provide assistance with the display of this car at the Doha Exhibition. Shahamat added that steps are being taken to develop a stage for showcasing homegrown talent.

Despite the absence of official technical details, reports assert that the car has a tubular chassis, and pushrod suspension, and is made of lightweight composite materials. These attributes are similar to those of F1 cars. More information may not be available until the Qatar Exhibition in Doha in 2023.

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