How to make a live wallpaper, and a Video Wallpaper with multiple pictures

Live Wallpaper

Live wallpapers can be looping animated GIFs or fluid designs that change perspective in response to the device’s gyroscope. Most popular platforms, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, have native support for live wallpapers.

Make a live wallpaper with multiple pictures

The home screen and lock screen images on an Android, iPhone, or iPad can be easily changed to an animated GIF. Even TikTok videos can be turned into Live photos and used as wallpaper. We’ll demonstrate how to transform your favorite Live images into eye-catching 3D wallpaper.

How to Make a Live Wallpaper On iPhone

  • To access the settings, launch the application: Featuring an image of a gear, this app is grey in color. The Settings app is standard on every iPhone.
  • Choose the Wallpaper tab: You’ll find the Wallpaper option toward the bottom of the Settings panel. Wallpaper settings can be accessed by tapping the corresponding icon. There’s a blue flower icon next to the wallpaper selection button.
  • Select the “Select a New Background” button: A new Wallpaper option has been added to the menu bar. The option to access your photo album will appear.
  • Select Camera Roll from the menu. You’ll find this option at the very bottom of the display. Live pictures can be viewed in this manner.
  • Choose the desired Live picture and use it: Navigate your photo library to locate the Live image you’d like to use as wallpaper. Choose one of the iPhone’s Live wallpapers in place of a personal Live photo.

After 2 seconds of pressing on the picture, you’ll see a preview of the animation.

  • Select “Set” with a tap: With this, you can see a preview of the image on your screen as it would appear in a Live photo. If the photo doesn’t appeal to you, just tap the back button and try again.
  • Choose between the Home screen, Lock screen, or both: Choose the Lock screen option if you want the Live photo to appear on your screen whenever you turn on your phone. Select the Home screen option if you want the Live photo to appear below your apps. Select the Home screen and Lock screen to use the same Live photo for both.

These are the way how to put a live wallpaper on iPhone

How to Make a Live Wallpaper on Android

  • Activate the Google Play Store: All Android phones come preloaded with this app, which can be identified by its icon, a colorful triangle. In order to access the store, you should click the Google Play logo.
  • Add a Live wallpaper App to your device: To access the search bar in the Google Play Store app, click the magnifying glass icon. Use the search bar to look for “Live wallpaper.” You can simply install your preferred app by tapping on it. Try to find an app that has received numerous positive reviews, as this is an indication that users found the experience positive
  • Launch the application and select the Gallery tab. Exit the Google Play Store by pressing the back button, and then select the Live wallpaper app you just downloaded. To view the available Live images for use as wallpaper, select the gallery option.
  • Choose the GIF or Live photo you’d like to use as your background: Just keep on scrolling through all the GIFs and Live photos until you find something you like. Select the desired photo by tapping on it.
  • If you like the wallpaper, click the box to confirm its installation: A green checkmark or “set Home screen” button will appear on the app. Then, you can take pleasure in your new wallpaper by tapping the appropriate button.

How to set a video of your Wallpaper on iPhone, and Android

Video Wallpaper

Video wallpapers, also known as “live wallpapers,” allow your phone’s background to display a looping video clip or other animations. Instead of a boring, static background, a phone with live wallpaper can really stand out. Live wallpapers, such as moving feathers, moving stars, or falling snow, can be found pre-installed on some smartphones. On the other hand, you can use any video as the basis for your own live wallpaper.

How to Set a Video as a Wallpaper on iPhone

  • To change your wallpaper, select the setting Select Pick a New Background.

  • Select Live to utilize one of the installed moving wallpapersAlternatively, you can use one of your own Live Photos by scrolling down and picking it from your library.Pick out a moving wallpaper that you like.

  • You can see a sneak peek of the animation by tapping or pressing the screen.

  • To make the video your iPhone wallpaper, select Set from the menu in the upper-right corner.

  • Choose Screen Lock, Home Screen, or Both from the menu.

How to Set a Video as a Wallpaper on Android

  • Get yourself an Android app called Video Live Wallpaper.
  • To grant permission for the Video Live Wallpaper app to access your media files, launch the app, select Choose Video, and then tap Allow.
  • For the live wallpaper, you can choose a video from your phone’s storage.
  • Simply move the slider along the video’s timeline to set the desired beginning and end times.
  • Just press Play to see a sneak peek! You can preview the live wallpaper by tapping the Picture icon in the top right.
  • To modify the video’s display settings, click the gear icon located in the top right corner of the preview window.
  • You can toggle the volume and modify the Scale Fit there.
  • Select Set wallpaper, then decide whether you just want to customize the home screen or the entire device.

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