ChatGPT Will Destroy Google’s Business In Two Years: Gmail Creator

The fact that ChatGPT can carry out numerous tasks that are comparable to those carried out by a real person has helped it grow in popularity. In light of the new online chatbot created by OpenAI, people are debating the future of search engines like Google.

In a tweet, Paul Buchheit, the man behind Gmail, predicted that the company would last another two years.

In light of the most recent few months, starting in November 2022, ChatGPT has developed into the preferred location for millions of users to ask questions. As opposed to using Google to search two to three pages for a single response, ChatGPT is incredibly efficient and offers conversational responses.



Many people continue to wonder if this would lead to the termination of Google’s core services. Google’s top executives reportedly met following ChatGPT’s quick success.

The company is also focusing on enhancing its user-facing Artificial Intelligence solutions at the moment.

Is The End For Google Near?

Google, one of the best search engines, has been operating for a long time. Paul Buchheit claimed that technology is used in a tweet. There is no need for search engine result pages, from which Google derives the majority of its income.

Furthermore, Google receives a ton of traffic from the numerous advertisers who place their ads there. Google charges advertisers a fee for the right-hand side placement of product and service advertisements.

According to the research, Google should have earned more than $250 billion in revenue in 2021.

According to the study, Google should generate more than $250 billion in revenue in 2021. In its nearly 25-year history, this income is the highest.

But as ChatGPT gains popularity and more people turn to it for assistance with their problems, Google will have to think carefully about how to proceed.
Buchheit asserts that Google cannot take this action without endangering the most crucial aspect of its business.

What Does ChatGPT Think?

Microsoft has increased ChatGPT’s financial support as it continues to demonstrate its versatility by writing poetry, programming, and even passing the Wharton School of Business MBA exam.

Microsoft hopes to surpass Google as the top search engine by incorporating the chatbot’s features into its search engine.

Google’s downward trend will please Microsoft after years of dominance in search. Google’s search operations, in ChatGPT’s opinion, will put up with its presence.

It’s been noted that ChatGPT world on training data, the chatbot answered questions. So it’s conceivable that the chatbot’s creator created it so it could address these issues without sounding haughty or confident.

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