Careem is Launching Women-Only Bike Service

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Careem announces plans to introduce a new motorcycle service operated by women that will only serve female customers.

The service will start in Karachi and travel to other Pakistani cities. Careem welcomes registrations from women interested in working as female captains to access opportunities for flexible income.
Careem guarantees a monthly payment of Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 50,000 for the two models of the service: part-time (5 hours) and full-time (10 hours).

Additionally, Careem provides female motorbike Captains with 0% commission, bonuses, and guarantees in addition to priority access to Careem’s safety and security helpline. Women who are interested in the service can visit the Careem Captain Facebook page, the DHA or Gulshan Careem opportunity center, or both.

At the moment, Careem customers are driven by more than 1,700 female Captains operating a variety of vehicles on the platform. Careem recently made changes to reward all of its female Captains across all car types with unique bonuses, making it more profitable for them to work on the platform.



In an environment of rising inflation, Careem’s new women-driven motorbike service enables Careem’s sizable female customer base to access affordable yet safe and dependable transportation, especially for regular office and university goers. Additionally, it gives Pakistani women more freedom and power to access flexible income options and become financially stable as Captains.

Women are an essential component of our society and make up a sizable portion of our customer base, according to Imran Saleem, General Manager – of Ride Hailing at Careem Pakistan, who commented on the new service. With access to safe, dependable, and reasonably priced transportation, Careem’s women-driven motorbike service will assist our female customers in breaking down barriers.

This accessible transportation is especially required now, during such trying economic times that make it harder for families to manage households on a single income. We’re honored to assist Pakistan in developing new revenue streams.

The new service supports Careem’s mission to make people’s lives easier and better while creating an amazing company that inspires. Additionally, it backs up Careem’s ongoing commitment to giving Pakistani women more power. Women are able to reclaim public spaces and take charge of their own futures thanks to the organization, which provides female drivers with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

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