Honda & Yamaha Brings ‘Free Checkup’ Offer For Your Bike 

Car and bike companies are doing everything they can to ensure their survival at a time when Pakistan’s import-dependent local industry is in a state of confusion due to the ongoing economic unrest.

Famous motorcycle manufacturers “Honda Atlas” and “Yamaha Pakistan” presented various offers to keep at least customers coming to their dealerships and service centers.

Honda’s Limited-Time Offer

The offer, which is valid at Honda’s 4S service station, is only available for a short time, from “May 22 to May 28,” according to a social media post from the automaker. Free checks of the engine oil, brake shoes, and air filter are included in the offer. It is important to note that tuning is not included in the package.

BE VIGILANT – Not Totally Free

For those who entered the company’s service station with the misconception that “everything is free,” there will be a surprise. The mechanic will present you with the bill after the inspection is complete and you have replaced the engine oil, brake shoes, or filter. Because the company has mentioned “free checkup,” you should exercise caution before using this service.

What Yamaha Offers?

In a few places, Yamaha provides free checkups and oil changes. The business wrote on social media, “Rev up your engine and prepare for an even smoother ride with a free oil change for your Yamaha. Make sure your Yamaha receives the proper care so it can perform at its best and last a long time.

Customers criticized Yamaha for providing few options when comparing their offerings to those of the other motorcycle manufacturers. The company only provided the service in six locations. Even a customer cannot receive both an oil change and a checkup at the same time. Both offers are accessible in various locations.

What do you think of the offers made by the two businesses? Please share your opinions in the comments section.

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