How To Get National Tax Number (NTN) in Pakistan – Step-to-Step Guide!

Acquiring a National Tax Number (NTN) from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is a fundamental step in adhering to the Tax Laws of Pakistan.

The NTN is indispensable for conducting taxable transactions, encompassing income tax, sales tax, federal excise, as well as import and export of goods. This step-by-step guide illustrates the process of obtaining an NTN for different types of taxpayers and emphasizes its significance.



Why Obtain NTN?

Securing an NTN is of utmost importance for running a business legitimately and ensuring full compliance with statutory tax regulations. Both individuals and entities engaged in taxable transactions are required by law to obtain an NTN.

It serves as a vital tool in maintaining the integrity of the taxation system, facilitating the accurate assessment and collection of taxes, and contributing to the country’s economic growth and development.

Who Should Obtain NTN?

Taxpayer registration is available for the following types of individuals and entities:

  • Business Individuals (Proprietorship)
  • Association of Persons (AOP) (Partnership)
  • Companies
  • Salaried Individuals

Online Procedures of Obtaining National Tax Number (NTN):

The process of obtaining an NTN is uniform for Proprietorships, partnerships, AOPs, and Companies, and it can be completed online through the following steps:

Step 1: Open the FBR Portal at and click on the “e-Registration menu” option for “New e-registration.”

Step 2: Choose the appropriate taxpayer type (Individual, AOP, or Company) and enter the relevant CNIC/NTN/Reg.Inc accordingly. Next, provide the taxpayer’s name and enter the “Image character” for verification. Click “Ok” to proceed.

Step 3: An online form will be displayed based on the selected taxpayer type. Complete all the required particulars in the form and save it if necessary.

Step 4: Verify the form by clicking the “Verify” button to ensure accurate information.

Step 5: Click the “Submit” button to finish submitting the form following successful verification. A Token Number will be assigned to track the application’s status.

Step 6: It will take about 3 working days to process and verify the application. Once approved, the system will email you a notification.

Step 7: To obtain the Taxpayer Registration Certificate, visit the nearest Taxpayer Facilitation Center (TFC) Counter. Bring the original CNIC and submit the duly signed Registration Application along with the required documents, which vary based on the taxpayer type:

  • For Individuals: Attach a copy of the CNIC.
  • For AOPs/Partnerships: Submit a copy of the Partnership Deed and CNICs of all partners.
  • For Companies: Provide a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and CNICs of all directors.

Completing these steps will result in the issuance of the National Tax Number, ensuring that the taxpayer is duly registered and compliant with the Tax Laws of Pakistan.

For Proprietorship:

For Partnership/AOP:

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Last Paid Electricity Bill
  • Letter Head
  • Copy of CNIC/Reg. Inc
  • Last Paid Electricity Bill
  • Letter Head
  • Bank Account Statement
  • AOP Partnership Deed
  • CNIC Copies of Partners

For Company:

  • Copy of CNIC/Reg. Inc
  • Last Paid Electricity Bill
  • Letter Head
  • Bank Account Statement
  • SECP Certificate
  • NTN Copies of Directors
  • Form 21 & Form 29

Acquiring the National Tax Number (NTN) is a crucial requirement for individuals and entities engaging in taxable transactions within Pakistan. The online application process offers a convenient and efficient way to register as a taxpayer. By obtaining the NTN, businesses can operate lawfully, meet their tax responsibilities, and actively contribute to the nation’s economic progress.



Please note that the NTN application process may be subject to updates or changes. For the latest information and guidance, it is advisable for applicants to visit the FBR website or get in touch with the 24-Hrs helpline at 051-111-772-772. Staying informed will ensure a smooth and accurate registration process.

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