The Best PS5 Games For 2023

Welcome to WhenWhereHow’s finest PS5 game roundup. We’ve sought out games that genuinely offer significant enhancements over their previous-generation counterparts on the PS5 or are tailored exclusively for this system.

We’ll be updating this list periodically, so if a game has recently launched and you don’t spot it here, it’s probably because we haven’t had the opportunity to evaluate it yet. Unless, of course, we simply have a strong dislike for it.


“Stray” is a neat adventure game where you become a cat in a world abandoned by humans after an apocalypse. The game has lots of new ideas, and each one is simple and clear. The actions in “Stray” are what a cat would do (and they’re really cute).



You can press a button to meow, and the robots in the game get surprised and annoyed when you mess up their board game by walking on it. You can curl up and sleep anywhere, even on top of a robot you don’t know. When the cat gets petted by the robots, it purrs, and the controller vibrates. The puzzles in the game use the cat’s view, so you see things differently.

In addition to solving puzzles and jumping around, “Stray” shows a world that’s not too serious, even though it’s a bit messed up. The robots don’t hate the humans who were there before. Instead, they try to grow plants that can live in the dark, just because people would like that. Compared to other games with sad future worlds, “Stray” is pretty happy.

Dead Space

The Dead Space remake is like a comforting yet thrilling embrace from a deadly necromorph, and we say that in the best possible way. The 2023 edition of Dead Space polishes the mechanics that made the original 2008 game wonderfully horrifying, without adding unnecessary modern complexities. The remake includes full voice acting, new puzzles, and expanded storylines. It also introduces a zero-gravity ability that lets the main character, Isaac Clarke, navigate parts of the game in an incredibly satisfying manner.



But these new features don’t overshadow the game’s core essence: freeze, shoot, stomp. Isaac can temporarily freeze enemies and wields various weapons, yet he never becomes too strong; danger always looms. Gruesome monsters unexpectedly appear in the tight corridors of the space station, lunging at Isaac from the darkness, limbs flailing and practically asking to be shot off. The original Dead Space popularized the notion that headshots aren’t everything, and the remake stays true to this concept—while keeping its combat style exciting.

The 2023 Dead Space remake demonstrates that innovative game design is ageless (just like plasma cutters).

Gran Turismo 7

For fans of simulation-style racing games, Gran Turismo 7 stands out as the primary choice on the PS5. The core elements that have made Gran Turismo a gaming classic remain intact: a driving and physics model that requires precision but isn’t overly realistic, so you don’t need advanced equipment to enjoy it; the thrill of mastering the connection between a specific car and track; breathtaking visuals; and the unique blend of rock, jazz, and orchestral music in the soundtrack.

Most importantly, there’s a profound adoration for cars, ranging from sleek speedsters to vintage classics. Gran Turismo 7 goes beyond aesthetics, celebrating cars not just for their looks but also for the years of dedication and passion they represent. This game, possesses a distinctive style and narrative that is often absent from typical sports titles.



While Gran Turismo 7 faced criticism for its microtransactions, content volume, and event rewards upon release – evident in its Metacritic user score – the game’s always-online requirement remains a notable drawback. However, if you’re starting now, you’ll find countless hours of content to explore, without feeling compelled to grind for credits immediately. This is true unless you’re interested in online player-versus-player racing, where the game’s liveliness should persist for years to come.

Elden Ring

Of course, Elden Ring is a must on this list. FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG excels in many ways, especially in how meticulously crafted it feels despite its vast scope. The game’s size doesn’t lead to any sense of wasted time; rather, it presents a vast open world brimming with surprises, delights, and terrors at every turn. Unforgettable moments like stumbling upon a teleporting chest to an Eldritch monster-filled cave abound in Elden Ring.

Worried about the game’s difficulty? Don’t be. While it can be challenging, Elden Ring is also FromSoftware’s most accessible title yet. If combat proves punishing, opt for a mage build to attack from a distance. And if all else fails, the experience gained from exploring the world can be used to bolster your character’s strength.

God of War: Ragnarök

In 2018, God of War revitalized a struggling franchise, and its sequel, God of War Ragnarök, raises the stakes even higher. This vast adventure follows Kratos and his son Atreus across the Norse realms, preparing for the world-ending event, Ragnarök. Memorable encounters include battles with the formidable Thor and Odin.



Ragnarök’s combat is immensely satisfying and customizable, providing a god-like feel as Kratos powers up. The game features a wider array of enemies, from grunts to intense boss fights. More realms, numerous sidequests, and an epic endgame sequence contribute to the grand scale. Environments are exquisitely detailed and diverse, ranging from swamps to frozen tundras. On the PS5, players can opt for native 4K visuals or high frame rates up to 120Hz, if compatible with their TV.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us series, originally for PS3 and PS4, offers outstanding PS5 experiences. The Last of Us Part I has been visually remade for the PS5 with improved character models and native 4K visuals or up to 120 fps.

The Last of Us Part II, launched on PS4 in 2020, received a PS5 patch unlocking 60 fps gameplay. Both games present gripping post-pandemic tales following survivors through a beautifully rendered yet terrifying world. Amid Infected and hostile humans, resource scarcity heightens the danger.

The games emphasize human connections, mixing darkness with moments of levity, humor, and hope. The Last of Us series delivers intense, emotional journeys well worth the experience on PS5.


Rollerdrome is a visual delight, drawing inspiration from 1970s Hollywood sci-fi with an appealing cel-shaded aesthetic. Its mechanics are even more impressive, delivering smooth and precise controls that let players effortlessly glide through each level.

The core gameplay involves rollerblading through environments, building speed, executing tricks, and evading enemies while managing weapons and time manipulation. This all blends into an exhilarating dystopian bloodsport.



The satisfaction of deftly dodging threats, soaring into the air to slow down time and eliminate adversaries, and gathering resources is truly enjoyable. Amid the rollerblading chaos, an unsettling tale of corporate greed unfolds, maintaining a gripping narrative. Despite being a sleeper hit of 2022, Rollerdrome has flown under the radar for some. If you’ve missed out, now is the perfect time to dive in and experience its unique thrill.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is more accessible for newcomers, yet it retains a learning curve. The game offers an exceptional team shooter experience. The goal is simple – control objectives while repelling opponents – but the gameplay complexity is rich.

Blizzard’s tweaks, including reducing team sizes and character adjustments, have intensified the action, emphasizing both personal impact and teamwork. The roster of 30+ heroes, each with unique abilities, lets players find favorites. New heroes are enjoyable to play, adorned with appealing skins. The game’s polished visuals and sounds are trademarks of Blizzard. While mastering Overwatch 2 takes time, its aesthetics are immediately captivating.



Astro’s Playroom

While unusual to lead with a free console title, don’t underestimate Astro’s Playroom. A tribute to 3D platformers and PlayStation, it shines with creative DualSense controller integration. Despite its short completion time of about six hours, it’s a delight worth experiencing on the PS5.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade

The improbable happened as Final Fantasy VII, a legendary JRPG that shaped the genre in the West, received a daring remake after 23 years and three PlayStation versions. This modern take, controversially episodic, beautifully overhauls the game’s visuals and battles. The new battle system, distinct for each character, proves more engaging than Final Fantasy XV’s. Although some side content extends playtime, the world’s reimagining compensates for it.

Upgrading from PS4 to PS5 is free, but accessing the exclusive Yuffie DLC requires payment. The DLC introduces a new battle style with unique mechanics. While occasionally referencing old spin-offs, it remains a satisfying addition. This keeps us occupied until the second part, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth,” arrives in 2023.



Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware’s samurai journey offers nimble swordplay and stealth, contrasting with its predecessors. It’s notably more approachable and even allows pausing. While lacking a formal PS5 upgrade, the console’s power ensures a steady 60fps, a feat the PS4 Pro couldn’t achieve.

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