Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan Discharged From Murder Charges

On Monday, a Pakistani court dropped murder charges against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, according to his lawyer, Naeem Panjutha, who expressed gratitude on the X messaging platform.

The charges pertained to the murder of a lawyer in Quetta. Khan, accused in June, has been confronted with over 100 cases since his removal through a parliamentary vote in April 2022, following a disagreement with the influential military.

Concurrently, an Islamabad high court is set to rule on Khan’s appeal to halt his conviction in a corruption case later today.

Following a split with Pakistan’s influential military, Khan’s power eroded, prompting the initiation of numerous cases against him as he endeavored to mobilize public backing.

This political upheaval unfolded amidst Pakistan’s severe economic downturn. Although a general election was initially anticipated in November, it’s postponed until early next year seems probable.

Khan, facing a five-year prohibition from political office, is ineligible to contest. Later today, an Islamabad high court is slated to decide on Khan’s plea for suspending his three-year imprisonment and conviction on corruption charges.

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