Where is Imran Riaz Khan?

Prominent journalist Imran Riaz Khan’s puzzling disappearance for over 100 days has raised concerns, with no leads on his whereabouts.

In a recent podcast conversation between lawyer Mian Ali Ashfaq and Mansoor Ali Khan, the attorney shed light on the ongoing efforts to locate Imran Riaz Khan and ensure his safe return.

During the podcast, Mian Ashfaq Ali clarified that he has had no communication or contact with Imran Riaz Khan since his disappearance. There had been initial hope that Imran Riaz would be reunited with his loved ones by the Eid-ul-Azha.

When questioned about any interaction with the missing journalist, Mian Ashfaq unequivocally refuted such claims. He stated that neither he nor Imran Riaz’s family members — his father, mother, or wife—had received any calls or held meetings with Imran Riaz since his sudden disappearance.

Where is Imran Riaz Khan?

Mian Ashfaq shared a significant detail: the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had issued a call-up notice to Imran Riaz, summoning him to appear on June 22 and later on June 26, despite being aware of his unexplained absence.

Addressing allegations that he was inadequately engaged in the case and not striving sufficiently to secure Imran Riaz’s release, Mian Ashfaq responded to the critic Adil Raja.

He countered Raja’s claims by pointing out that Adil Raja had not personally experienced the complexities of fighting legal battles. Mian Ashfaq dismissed Adil Raja’s accusations, emphasizing that criticism from a distant location lacked a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing efforts.

The Case

The Lahore High Court presided over the proceedings concerning the situation involving anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan. The court granted the police an extension until July 25th to locate Imran Riaz Khan, who has been missing since his detention on May 11th. Despite this, there have been no subsequent court sessions held.

During the hearing of a petition that aimed to locate the anchorperson, Chief Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti of the Lahore High Court issued the directive. Imran Riaz Khan was one of the individuals taken into custody following the protests that erupted in the country subsequent to the arrest of Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI.

A formal complaint, known as a First Information Report (FIR), was lodged on May 16th with Civil Lines police by Muhammad Riaz, the father of the anchorperson. The FIR was lodged against anonymous individuals and police personnel, alleging their involvement in the abduction of Imran. This invoked Section 365 of the Pakistan Penal Code, which pertains to the abduction or wrongful confinement of a person.

This is the last video message recorded by Imran Riaz Khan before his arrest

During the proceedings, the Lahore High Court was informed that there had been some positive developments in the case, raising expectations that Imran Riaz Khan would be located safely in the coming days.

A separate complaint was submitted at a police station in Sialkot by Riaz’s father, accusing the police of abducting his son and urging for his prompt and secure release.

Imran Riaz Khan had been an outspoken supporter of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Following Imran Khan’s removal from power in April 2022, the journalist began to strongly criticize institutions that the former prime minister claimed were involved in his ousting.

The journalist’s arrest was part of a nationwide crackdown on supporters of Imran Khan after they engaged in acts of vandalism against military properties in various regions to protest the arrest of the ex-prime minister on May 9th. Prior to his arrest, Riaz had shared a video on his YouTube channel where he expressed facing threats.

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