Arms License Punjab- Latest News About Arms License Punjab

As per the latest news about arms license Punjab 2023, the Caretaker government in Punjab is actively working to lift the ban on the issuance of arms licenses for the Punjab.

According to a report in Dawn, the Cabinet Committee on Legislative Business has approved a summary and, as a result, seeks to remove the ban on issuing new arms licenses to residents.

Arms License Punjab 2023

This decision comes two years after the previous government imposed the ban on new arms licenses in Punjab, thereby allowing people in the region to once again apply for gun licenses.

Moreover, officials have also significantly reduced the Arms License fees, slashing them from Rs100,000 to Rs15,000.

Arms License Punjab- Latest News About Arms License Punjab

In a move to streamline the process and ensure authenticity, the government has digitized the entire arms license application process. This aims to prevent the issuance of fake licenses.

Here’s a simplified guide on how to apply for an Arms License in Pakistan:

  1. To begin with, complete the Arms License Form.
  2. Next, attach a copy of your Identity Card.
  3. After that, obtain verification from the Police Station, DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), and SP (Superintendent of Police) concerned on the filled-up Arms License Form.
  4. Subsequently, personally visit the Deputy Commissioner’s office with a copy of your Identity Card.
  5. The Deputy Commissioner will issue an order for the Arms License based on the completed form.
  6. Following that, you’ll need to affix tickets equivalent to Rs. 2000/- on the Arms License Form.
  7. Finally, submit the forms at the Arms Licensing Issuing Branch in the D.C. Office. You will receive a copy of the license, and you can purchase a firearm from an authorized arms dealer. The license’s renewal should be done annually with the appropriate fee.

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