You Can Now Get Online Appointment for New Passports

You can now get an online appointment for new passports, marking a notable advancement in the accessibility and convenience of passport application processes.

In a recent announcement featured on ARY News, the Directorate General (DG) Passport and Immigration has taken a significant stride towards modernizing passport services by initiating the development of an online appointment booking system for passport applicants.

Under the visionary leadership of DG Mustafa Jamal, this directive signifies a noteworthy advancement aimed at enhancing the overall convenience for passport applicants, across various zonal offices. DG Jamal’s emphasis on the necessity of an online appointment booking system underscores the commitment to improving citizens’ experiences throughout the passport application process.

Additionally, as part of an effort to further elevate the applicant experience, DG Jamal has introduced the concept of a notification system that relies on SMS alerts to keep applicants informed about their appointments.

This proactive initiative follows closely on the heels of the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports’ introduction of an e-passport facility at passport offices nationwide. The federal government introduced these state-of-the-art e-passports in June, ushering in a new era of passport services marked by enhanced security and efficiency.

For your reference, the fee structure for e-passports is outlined as follows:

E-Passport Fee Structure To Get Online Appointment for New Passports

    assport TypeValidityNormal ProcessingFee (Rs)Urgent ProcessingFee (Rs)
    36-Page (5-Year Validity)5 years9,00015,000
    72-Page (5-Year Validity)5 years16,50027,000
    36-Page (10-Year Validity)10 years13,50022,500
    72-Page (10-Year Validity)10 years24,75040,500

    The regular passport fees for non-e-passports will remain the same. This transition to digital technology is anticipated to streamline the passport issuance process and enhance the overall user experience for citizens.

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