Here’s How You Can Apply for UAE Visa with Emirates Airline

Are you planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Emirates Airlines offers a convenient way to apply for a UAE visa. Even if you don’t hold a passport from one of the eligible countries, there are various avenues for obtaining a Dubai visa.

Emirates, in collaboration with VFS Global Services GCC, provides assistance throughout the visa application process. Pre-arranged visas are available in different durations, ranging from 48 hours to 60 days, with options for single or multiple entries.

Online Visa Application Process with Emirates

Here are the steps to apply for a UAE visa with Emirates Airline:

  1. Book your Emirates flight.
  2. Visit the Emirates website and access the “Manage your booking” section.
  3. Choose “Apply for UAE Visa” and follow the provided instructions.
  4. Complete the submission of all required documents and information, and make the necessary visa fee payments.
  5. Upon approval of your visa application, Emirates will automatically update your booking with the visa details.
  6. Expect to receive your visa application online within three to four working days after submission and fee payment.
  7. The electronic visa can be downloaded from the Emirates website and will also be sent to you via email by Dubai Immigration.

You can apply for a visa a maximum of 58 days before your planned travel date, with a minimum of 24 working hours before your departure. It is advisable to initiate your visa application at least four international working days prior to your flight, although applying as early as possible is recommended.

In-Person Visa Application through Emirates

  1. Download the prearranged visa application form.
  2. After completing the form and assembling the required documentation, visit the visa application center that is most convenient for you. Three locations in Dubai accept visa paperwork: VFS Global Services GCC, Wafi Mall, and the Emirates Ticketing Office in Jumeirah or Deira.

It’s essential to note that Emirates sponsors visas issued through this service. Consequently, if the visa holder arrives on a different airline, Dubai’s immigration authorities may deny entry.

Additionally, the UAE does not grant visas through its embassies or consulates abroad. Therefore, you must have a sponsor within the UAE or apply through an authorized agency to facilitate the application on your behalf.

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