MG Begins Booking Electric Cars in Pakistan At Massive Prices

MG Pakistan has introduced two new electric vehicles (EVs), the all-new ZS EV and MG 4, in Pakistan. While an official announcement from MG is pending, bookings for these EVs have reportedly begun.

Here is the pricing and range information for the two EV models:

MG 4:

ModelPrice (Rs.)Range (KM)
MG 4 Excite10,999,000350
MG 4 Essence12,990,000450
MG Begins Booking Electric Cars in Pakistan At Massive Prices

Image: MG4


ModelPrice (Rs.)Range (KM)
MG ZS EV Essence12,990,000320
MG ZS EV Long Range14,999,000500

The manufacturers have not officially disclosed the full list of features and powertrain options, but it is expected that these EVs will have a delivery time of approximately 120 days or four months .A partial booking amount of Rs. 5 million is required for all models.

Image: MG ZS EV

It is worth noting that the manufacturers have not officially confirmed additional details about these vehicles, such as their feature lists and powertrain specifications. However, it is saying that these EVs will be in their completely built-up (CBU) form.

MG’s launch of these EVs in the current economic climate represents a significant move, especially considering their price range, which places them well into the Rs. 1 crore club.

About MG Pakistan

MG Pakistan, a prominent automotive brand, has made significant strides in the Pakistani automobile market. Known for its rich history and heritage, MG has introduced a range of modern and innovative vehicles that cater to diverse consumer needs.

With a commitment to quality and performance, MG Pakistan offers a lineup of cars that blend cutting-edge technology with stylish design. From electric vehicles to SUVs, MG has garnered attention and admiration from Pakistani car enthusiasts.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, MG Pakistan continues to make its mark, offering reliable and exciting vehicles that are set to shape the future of the automotive industry in the country.

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