WhatsApp Will Let You Use Avatars in Video Calls Soon

WhatsApp is gearing up for some exciting updates alongside its practical improvements. WhatsApp will soon allow users to use their avatars in video calls, adding a playful and creative element to their conversations.

Back in December of the previous year, WhatsApp introduced avatars to its platform. These avatars, akin to Snapchat’s bitmojis, allow users to express themselves as 3D characters within the app through stickers, profile pictures, and more. Many users have already created their personalized avatars and even adopted them as profile pictures.

WhatsApp Will Let You Use Avatars in Video Calls Soon

Now, a new beta version of WhatsApp on Android (version has unveiled the forthcoming feature that will enable users to utilise these avatars during video calls.

It’s essential to note that incorporating avatars into video calls won’t compromise the app’s end-to-end encryption, ensuring the security of your calls. However, Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, will be using some data to enhance the avatar experience.

In addition to video call support, WhatsApp is also working on allowing avatars to react to status updates. While the specifics of this feature remain unclear, it seems to be a step towards embracing the concept of the Metaverse.

Instagram and Facebook Messenger have already integrated avatar usage in video calls, so it wouldn’t be surprising to witness WhatsApp following suit. These three messaging apps frequently share features and updates, and this addition seems to be part of that ongoing trend. It’s possible that WhatsApp may even enable cross-platform messaging between these apps in the near future.

It’s worth noting that WhatsApp currently permits video calls with up to 32 participants, but there may be plans to expand this capacity in the future.

Here are some key aspects of WhatsApp avatars:

Certainly, here are shorter and more SEO-friendly versions of those key aspects of WhatsApp avatars:

  1. Create Your Avatar: Customize hairstyle, facial features, outfits, and accessories for a personalized digital representation.
  2. Profile & Express: Use avatars as profile pics, stickers, and emojis to enhance conversations visually.
  3. Mood & Status: Communicate your mood and status with avatars, adding a visual touch to your updates.
  4. Fun Stickers: Send lively avatar-based stickers in chats for more engaging conversations.
  5. Privacy Control: Decide who can view your avatar, choosing from everyone, contacts only, or a custom list.
  6. Seamless Integration: Avatars seamlessly fit into chats, groups, and status updates, ensuring consistent expression.
  7. Avatar Calls: Future updates will allow avatars in video calls, adding creativity to your conversations.

In summary, WhatsApp avatars are a fun, personalized way to express yourself in the app. They’ll continue to evolve, offering even more exciting features for users in the future.

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