How To Get New Honda CG 125 On Installments?

Atlas Honda’s recent launch, the newly unveiled Honda CG 125, has created a significant buzz in the market, leaving motorcycle enthusiasts impressed. Despite being on the market for just over a week, the company has already provided two updates about the new bike.

For those eager to own this remarkable motorcycle, Meezan Bank Musawamah has introduced a solution to make it more affordable. According to the company’s recent social media post, you can now purchase the new bike through easy installment plans.

How To Get New Honda CG 125 On Installments?

Meezan Bank, known for its commitment to Shariah-compliant financial solutions, presents an enticing opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts with the “Meezan Apni Bike” program. This program offers the following key features for the Honda CG 125:

  • Ribah-free product
  • Ownership of the motorcycle by the customer
  • Convenient monthly installments
  • Low down payment option starting at just 15%

One of the standout advantages of this program is the remarkably low down payment requirement, allowing you to hit the road without a hefty initial financial burden.

How To Get New Honda CG 125 On Installments?

Additionally, flexible monthly installments ensure you can manage your finances comfortably while enjoying the thrill of riding a Honda CG 125.

Unlike traditional leasing or rental schemes, Meezan Apni Bike program empowers you to become the proud owner of your Honda CG 125 right from day one. Combining Honda’s iconic CG 125 with Meezan Bank’s Musawamah-based financing creates a win-win situation for motorcycle enthusiasts.

With the affordable down payment and convenient monthly installments, owning a Honda CG 125 is now within your grasp. So, why wait? Seize the opportunity presented by the Meezan Apni Bike program and kickstart your journey with the Honda CG 125 today. Affordable, reliable, and stylish, it’s the perfect way to hit the road!

Are you planning to take advantage of this fantastic installment offer for the Honda CG 125? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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