New Honda CG 125S Gold Is Now Available On Installments

Atlas has introduced the new Honda CG 125S Gold edition, the third update since its initial launch. The best is the Honda CG 125S Gold Is Now Available in installments

In a recent social media post, Atlas announced a special offer for the new CG 125, and now, they’ve introduced an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts of the CG 125S Gold edition in collaboration with Alfa Mall. It’s worth noting that this offer is exclusively available to Bank Alfalah credit cardholders.

The Honda CG 125S Gold is now available with 0% mark-up financing, making it an attractive choice for anyone looking to upgrade their ride or acquire a dependable and stylish motorcycle. This two-wheeler belongs to Honda’s renowned CG series, known for its reliability and popularity among riders.

For those eager to own the new Honda CG 125, Meezan Bank Musawamah has come forward to make affordability a reality. According to the company’s recent social media post, you can now purchase this bike on easy installments.

Meezan Bank, recognized for its commitment to providing Shariah-compliant financial solutions, presents an enticing opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts through the “Meezan Apni Bike” program. With this program, you can become the proud owner of a Honda CG 125, featuring:

  • A riba-free financing product
  • Full ownership of the motorcycle
  • Convenient monthly installments
  • A low down payment option, starting as low as 15%

With such a favorable down payment and manageable monthly installments, owning the stylish Honda CG 125S Gold edition is well within reach. So why wait? Seize the opportunity offered by Alfalah Bank’s program and embark on your journey with this impressive two-wheeler today. It’s affordable, reliable, and stylish – the perfect ride to hit the road with!

About Alfa Mall

AlfaMall is Bank Alfalah’s innovative e-marketplace platform, a pioneering initiative in Pakistan’s banking sector. This platform is an extension of Bank Alfalah’s mobile app, Alfa, which has been at the forefront of its innovative services, including managing savings, tracking expenses, and bill payments.

AlfaMall offers Bank Alfalah customers a seamless online shopping experience. Customers can use their bank accounts, wallets, credit cards, or Orbit Points to make secure purchases across a wide range of products and services, all offered at competitive prices and backed by Bank Alfalah’s commitment to service quality.

Additionally, AlfaMall provides a platform for merchants to showcase and sell their products and services online, expanding their reach to a broader customer base.

Here are some compelling reasons to choose AlfaMall for your online shopping:

  1. One-Stop Shop: AlfaMall serves as a single destination for Alfa App and Bank Alfalah customers, meeting their diverse shopping needs.
  2. Extensive Product Range: Each product category boasts a vast selection, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  3. Verified Partners: AlfaMall collaborates with reputable and trustworthy merchants to offer quality products.
  4. Personalized Shopping: Discover tailored product recommendations and exclusive deals based on your preferences and requirements.
  5. Secure Transactions: AlfaMall employs an escrow service, ensuring that payment is confirmed only upon successful delivery to the customer.
  6. Customer Financing: Enjoy the convenience of buying now and paying later on a wide range of products.
  7. Exceptional User Experience: AlfaMall is committed to delivering a top-notch customer experience and service.

AlfaMall is designed to provide a seamless and secure online shopping experience, ensuring customer satisfaction and convenience.

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