Punjab Shuts Schools Over Rising Cases Of Pink Eye Infection

The Punjab government is taking precautionary measures in response to a rise in pink eye cases. Schools across the province will be closed on Thursday due to the increase in conjunctivitis cases, with a surprise visit by Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi revealing affected students were present despite government instructions.

Expressing his concern, the chief minister summoned the school secretary and ordered Thursday and Saturday to be holidays for both private and government schools. Students had raised complaints about the lack of electricity and fans in their schools.

Thursday will be a public holiday for both private and government schools, and Friday is already a holiday due to Eid Milad-un-Nabi. Following the weekend break, schools will reopen on Monday, with teachers checking students for conjunctivitis symptoms during admission. Affected children will be sent home, and this holiday will be observed across the entire province.

To address the situation, the Punjab government has issued an alert for schools and is promoting awareness through a ‘zero period’ to educate students about the infection and preventive measures. The health department and Primary and Secondary Healthcare Departments have issued safety guidelines to deal with the increasing cases of pink eye infection in various cities across the province.

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