Pakistan to Launch Its Satellite into Moon’s Orbit Soon

China’s forthcoming lunar expedition, Chang’e 6, is set to foster international collaboration by carrying payloads from multiple countries, including Pakistan.

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) revealed this exciting development on the social media platform Weibo. Chang’e 6 is scheduled to commence its lunar journey in the first half of 2024.

In addition to Pakistan, France, Italy, and the European Space Agency will participate by sending their payloads to the moon in partnership with China. Pakistan’s CubeSat satellite will be launched into lunar orbit, while France will dispatch equipment designed for testing radioactive gas. The European Space Agency will contribute its Negative Ion Detector, and Italy’s Valle Brett Radar System will also join Chang’e 6 on its lunar mission.

This mission’s primary objective is to collect samples from various regions of the moon to gather additional data about its age. Unlike previous missions that collected near-surface samples, Chang’e 6 will explore data from the moon’s dark side.

Following the conclusion of Chang’e 6, China plans to send the Chang’e 7 robotic mission to the moon’s south pole. This mission will focus on searching for clues of ice and studying the region’s atmosphere and weather.

The Chang’e missions will culminate with Chang’e 8, which aims to potentially establish a lunar research station. In 2013, China became the third country in the world to successfully collect lunar samples and return them to Earth.

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