Changan Pakistan Brings Special Offer For Oshan X7

Amidst economic challenges and sluggish local car industry, Changan Pakistan is making a daring move to capture the attention of car enthusiasts by offering a special promotion on its SUV model, the Oshan X7. The local car assembly industry has been grappling with low sales and profit margins due to the current economic landscape.

In response to these challenges, car manufacturers, both newcomers and established players, are turning to innovative strategies, and special offers have become a prevailing trend.

Drawing inspiration from industry giants like Toyota, Pak Suzuki, and Honda, Chinese automaker Changan is stepping into the spotlight with an enticing offer for its Oshan X7.

The Offer

In a bid to establish a significant presence in the competitive market, Changan has unveiled an impressive Rs. 100,000 registration rebate alongside priority delivery for customers choosing the Oshan X7 during the promotional period.

Running from the 1st to the 31st of October 2023, this time-limited offer underscores Changan’s dedication to delivering added value to its customers and revitalising the local auto industry. The announcement on the company’s social media platforms has already generated excitement among car enthusiasts and potential buyers, with many expressing keen interest in seizing this enticing opportunity.

Changan Pakistan Brings Special Offer For Oshan X7

The Oshan X7, Changan’s sole SUV offering in the country, has already garnered attention for its stylish design, advanced features, and competitive pricing. Coupled with the substantial registration rebate, prospective buyers have a compelling reason to consider the Oshan X7 as their next vehicle of choice.

Changan’s strategic move arrives at a juncture when the industry is grappling with production stoppages and excess inventory. By presenting this time-bound incentive, the company aims not only to boost sales but also to instill a sense of urgency among potential buyers who wouldn’t want to miss out on such a lucrative deal.

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