This Is How To Renew a Learner’s Driving Permits At Home

Exciting news! The Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) of Lahore, Amara Athar, has introduced a fantastic online service. Now, citizens can easily renew their learner permits from the comfort of their homes, making things super convenient.

This new online option extends the existing Online Fresher Learner Permit service. CTO Amara Athar shared that more services like license renewal, duplicate requests, and international licenses will soon be available online, making things even easier for citizens.

Thanks to these online services, there has been a huge 90% reduction in the rush at traditional service centers, making the whole process smoother. This shift to digital services is about making things simpler and more efficient.

Also, getting driving licences has become super popular, with over 200,000 people in Punjab getting licenses—that’s 25 times more than last year! On the last day alone, 123,202 citizens, including many from Lahore, used online services to get their licences. This move to online services is a big step in making things easier for everyone and keeping up with the times.

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