How To Identify Fake Rs 5000 Note: SBP Explains

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has released a detailed explanation regarding the features of the Rs 5,000 note after concerns were raised in a Senate committee meeting about counterfeit notes.

During the meeting, a committee member presented fake notes, prompting the SBP to address the issue through a video explainer on YouTube.

The explainer highlights various distinguishing features of the Rs 5,000 note, such as the use of optically variable ink on the Pakistani flag, raised marks for visually impaired individuals, a silver thread, a watermark, and hidden figures. It also mentions that under ultraviolet light, lime green threads become visible.

The discussion arose during a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance when Chairman Saleem Mandviwala presented a Rs 5,000 note, questioning the deputy governor of SBP about its authenticity. When the deputy governor admitted uncertainty, Mandviwala urged the formulation of a policy to address the issue of counterfeit currency.

This is not the first time the Rs 5,000 note has been a topic of discussion in the Senate; a previous resolution called for its removal from circulation to combat inflation. However, the caretaker finance minister clarified that no such proposal was under consideration.

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