Toyota And Kia Roll Out Cash Back & Priority Delivery Offers

The preceding year witnessed significant setbacks in the country’s auto industry. It is characterized by production halts, fluctuating price hikes, sluggish sales, and limited inventory. The industry’s future has been clouded by ongoing economic uncertainty and political unrest.

As the new year unfolds, local car assemblers, grappling with the ongoing crisis, are once again unveiling promotional offers for their vehicles. In recent social media announcements, both Toyota Indus Motor and Kia Lucky Motors have presented distinct offers. It includes priority delivery, cashback incentives, and reduced insurance rates.

Toyota’s Exclusive Offer

In response to these challenging times, Toyota Pakistan has introduced a special offer. This offer is for the newly launched Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric.

The company’s recent post encourages customers to ‘Book your Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric and enjoy competitive markup/profit rates, the lowest insurance rates, and priority delivery through select banks.’

Toyota Pakistan faced a substantial setback in sales last year, experiencing a sharp decline of 63%. During this period, sales of Corolla and Yaris plummeted by an alarming 70%. It is significantly impacting the company’s overall sales, including Fortuner and IMVs.

Kia’s Alluring Offer

In a bid to enthrall Kia enthusiasts, the Korean automotive giant in the country has introduced a unique offer – a straightforward cash-back incentive on all variants of Sportage and the AT variant of Picanto.

According to recent social media announcements, Kia is presenting enticing incentives, including a cashback of Rs. 50,000 on the Picanto AT variant and a substantial Rs. 150,000 on all Sportage variants. Additionally, the Sorento model comes with the option of interest-free installments, starting from Rs. 8,999,000.

The previous month witnessed a significant drop in sales, plummeting to a mere 4,875 units, in stark contrast to the 15,432 units sold in November 2022. This noticeable decline has sparked widespread attention and discussions across the nation.

What are your thoughts on these offers from Kia and Toyota? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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