iPhone 14 Series Tax and Customs Duty in Pakistan

Enthusiasts in Pakistan eagerly awaiting information on the iPhone 14 series now have clarity on the tax and custom duty details, shedding light on the costs associated with owning these high-end devices in the country.

Features and Appeal

The iPhone 14 series boasts a Super Retina XDR display and an aerospace-grade aluminium enclosure, making it a top choice for those looking to upgrade their mobile phones.

PTA Tax and Customs Duty Breakdown

For potential buyers, understanding the associated taxes and customs duties is crucial. Taxes have been implemented by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in response to the kind of identity document that is shown during the registration procedure. Here’s the breakdown for various iPhone 14 models:

  • iPhone 14: Taxes on passport (Rs 107,325) and CNIC (Rs 130,708)
  • iPhone 14 Plus: Taxes on passport are Rs113,075 and CNIC is Rs137,000.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: Taxes on Passport: Rs122,275; Taxes on CNIC: Rs147,150
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: Taxes on Passport: Rs131,130; Taxes on CNIC: Rs156,900

PTA-Approved Prices for the November 2023 iPhone 14 Series

The PTA has approved the following prices for iPhone 14 series models in Pakistan for November 2023:

  • iPhone 14 128GB: 410,000 PKR
  • iPhone 14 Pro 128GB: 505,000 PKR
  • iPhone 14 Pro 256GB: 550,000 PKR
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB: 560,000 PKR
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB: 599,000 PKR

While Apple’s premium devices continue to be sought after in Pakistan, the introduction of new taxes on imported devices by local authorities has led to a significant increase in the prices of Apple products in the country.

Buying and Selling in Lahore and Karachi

For those interested in purchasing or selling their iPhone 14 series devices in Lahore or Karachi, local markets and online platforms provide options to explore the value of used devices. Despite the higher costs, the allure of the iPhone 14 series keeps the secondary market active in major cities.

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