Kuwait Announces 1,090 Jobs Pakistanis Can Also Apply

The Kuwait Municipality has made a number of job opportunities available. Offering more than 1,090 positions in a range of industries to both foreign workers and citizens. This is a good opportunity for Pakistanis to apply for jobs available in Kuwait.

According to the Arab Times, the announcement is consistent with the nation’s 2024 annual budget report.

The diverse job openings encompass a range of roles, with specific allocations for foreign workers in certain departments. For instance, 36 positions in the funeral department are earmarked for foreign workers. It involves responsibilities such as the ritual washing of the deceased. Additionally, there are 25 driver positions dedicated to hearses.

The Kuwait Municipality is also seeking professionals in fields like accounting, architecture, and electrical and mechanical engineering. However, it has not been clarified whether these positions are open to foreign applicants. The comprehensive range of job opportunities reflects the municipality’s commitment to meeting workforce needs across various domains.

The recent budget announcement allocates an estimated KD190 million for wages and compensation, signifying a noteworthy increase of KD9 million from the current budget.

Among the workforce in the public sector, foreign workers account for 23%, totaling around 483,200 individuals, marking the highest proportion among Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Reports indicate that the overall workforce in Kuwait, encompassing both the government and private sectors, amounts to 1.9 million, with 75% employed in the private sector. Within Kuwait’s population of 4.6 million, expatriates make up approximately 3.2 million residents.

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