Pak Suzuki Announces Special Discount on Bikes

After months of production woes and price hikes, motorcycle manufacturers are pulling out the stops to lure back customers with attractive offers.

Pak Suzuki joins the fray, following Yamaha’s lead, with a special deal for buyers who pay via PayPro. The offer packs a punch with a 25% down payment and zero markup on a 24-month installment plan.

“Snag this exciting offer and pay your bike installments via PayPro to avail a 25% down payment with 0% markup on a 24-month plan,” Suzuki announced on social media.

Head to your nearest Suzuki showroom or their website for complete details. This follows Yamaha’s “New Year Surprise” offer announced a few weeks ago.

The competition is heating up, with Toyota IMC, Master Changan, and Kia Lucky Motors also joining the fight with enticing deals. So, if you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, now might be the time to strike a bargain.

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