How To Buy Tickets For PSL 2024?

Tickets for Pakistan Super League 2024 (PSL) Season Nine have been available for purchase online since February 6, 2024. Lets discover how to buy tickets for PSL 2024.

How To Buy Tickets For PSL 2024?

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has streamlined the process of purchasing tickets, allowing fans to pre-book online through

Entry Requirements For PSL 2024

It’s essential to note that physical tickets are mandatory for entry to all HBL PSL 9 matches. Self-printed or digital e-tickets won’t be accepted at the four venues.

Collection and Delivery

Tickets were also physically sold at designated TCS express centers on Monday, February 12. Similarly, tickets booked online can be collected from TCS-designated pick-up centers or home-delivered by TCS.

Ticket prices for PSL 2024

The ticket pricing for the event has been segmented into various tiers: VIP tickets priced at Rs6,000, Premium tickets at Rs3,000, First-class tickets at Rs2,000, and General tickets at Rs1,000.

For the grand finale, scheduled to take place on 18th March at the National Bank Stadium in Karachi, the ticket prices have been set as follows: VIP tickets will be available for Rs8,000, Premium tickets for Rs4,000, First-class tickets for Rs2,500, and General tickets for Rs1,000.

Qualifying match tickets can be purchased at the following prices: VIP tickets for Rs5,000, Premium tickets for Rs2,500, First-class tickets for Rs1,500, and General tickets for Rs750. Similarly, tickets for the two eliminators are priced at Rs5,000 (VIP), Rs3,000 (Premium), Rs1,500 (First class), and Rs750 (General).

Karachi will host 11 matches as the tournament unfolds, while Rawalpindi and Lahore will each stage nine games. Multan will also participate by hosting five matches.

About PSL 2024

The 2024 edition of the Pakistan Super League (HBL PSL 9) is set to kick off as the ninth installment of this renowned cricket tournament under the auspices of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Established in 2015, the league operates on a franchise-based Twenty20 cricket model, featuring six teams competing in a format that includes a double round-robin and page playoff system. Taking place from February 17th to March 18th, 2024, the tournament will span across four key cities in Pakistan.


Initially, the PCB had plans to expand the league by adding two more teams and relocating the tournament to the UAE, considering the backdrop of the 2024 Pakistani general election. However, this proposal faced opposition from franchise owners. Discussions also revolved around the inclusion of Arbab Niaz Stadium, Peshawar, as a venue, but security concerns hindered this plan. Consequently, the decision was made to hold the league matches in four cities: Lahore, Multan, Karachi, and Rawalpindi. The PCB unveiled the venues and fixtures on January 12th, 2024.

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