Women Can Perform Hajj Without Mahram, Hajj Ministry

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has affirmed that women can now perform Hajj without a Mahram. It is a significant departure from previous requirements for pilgrimage.

In preparation for the upcoming Hajj season of 2024, the ministry has mandated that all domestic pilgrims must receive vaccinations against neisseria meningitis and seasonal influenza as part of the registration process.

Eligibility criteria for local Hajj registration have been established. With participation restricted to individuals possessing a national identity or residency permit. Those holding visit or work visas are excluded from registration.

The permissible age range for Hajj participants starts from 15 years old, with no upper age limit imposed.

Registration for the Hajj season has started. With various packages are available through the ministry’s official website or the Nusk application, catering to citizens and residents within the kingdom.

The available Hajj packages include:

  1. Developed Camps Package: Priced from SR10,366.10, inclusive of VAT. This package offers access to premium services and comfort in developed camps.
  2. Hospitality Camps in Mina Package: Starting at SR8,092.55, VAT included. This option provides accommodations in hospitality camps located in Mina.
  3. Towers Near the Jamarat Bridge Package: Costs from SR13,265.25, including VAT. This package features accommodations in the six towers near the Jamarat Bridge in Mina, known for their prime location.
  4. Economical Range Services Package: Begins at SR4,099.75, VAT included, aimed at providing affordable services to pilgrims.

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