Here Is How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On iPhone

Have you ever been in a situation where you hastily deleted important text messages from your iPhone, only to realize later that you needed them? Don’t fret; there are ways to recover deleted messages on your iPhone. Let’s dive into some unique techniques to maximize your chances of retrieving those crucial text messages.

With the release of iOS 16, Apple has finally introduced a user-friendly method for iPhone users to recover deleted iMessages. However, if your iPhone doesn’t support iOS 16, fear not; there are alternative approaches available to potentially retrieve your missing messages.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to iMessage recovery:

Recovering Deleted Texts from Messages

iPhones running iOS 16 or later versions now can restore deleted messages effortlessly. Deleted messages remain retrievable for 30 days before being permanently erased from Messages. Follow these unique steps to recover deleted messages:

  • Tap the Edit button in the top left corner of Messages to reveal a dropdown menu.
  • Select “Show Recently Deleted” from the dropdown menu.
  • Locate the desired message from the list and select it.
  • With the message highlighted, tap “Recover” in the bottom right corner, then confirm by selecting “Recover Message.” Voila! The message will reappear in your chat with the intended recipient.

Recovering Deleted Texts from iCloud Backup

If iCloud Backup is enabled on your iPhone and routinely backs up, your deleted texts should be retrievable from the most recent backup. Follow these unique steps to proceed:

  • Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
  • Ensure iCloud Backup is enabled.
  • Erase your iPhone by navigating to Settings > General > Reset.
  • Choose “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  • When prompted, opt to restore your iPhone from an iCloud Backup.

Recovering Texts from Your Mac

For those who regularly back up to their computers, multiple backups may be saved. Follow these unique steps to retrieve your deleted texts potentially:

  • Navigate to Settings > [Your Name] > Find My > Find My iPhone and toggle it off.
  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open Finder and select your iPhone from the Locations sidebar.
  • Click “Manage Backups” to view saved backups and choose the one predating the deletion of your messages.
  • Select the desired backup and click “Restore iPhone.”

If none of these unique methods work, consider reaching out to your network provider’s customer service or tech support for further assistance. Though this isn’t guaranteed, they may have stored a backup of your messages that hasn’t been overwritten. If available, arrangements can be made to access them.

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