Your Guide To Getting Permit To Visit Rawdah At Prophet’s Mosque

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Mosque in Medina now allows pilgrims to visit the revered Al Rawda Al Sharifa. With the help of a dedicated mobile application, pilgrims can now obtain permits and offer prayers at this sacred site.

The religious ministry introduced the Nusuk app, which makes it easier to apply for permission to enter holy mosques for Umrah, visits, and prayers. Worshippers are required to create an account, register, and select the option to pray at Al Rawda Al Sharifa within the application.

They must specify the individuals accompanying them. Choose the desired date and time of the visit, review relevant information, and confirm their approval before obtaining the permit.

In anticipation of an estimated 10 million worshippers performing Umrah during this season. The kingdom encourages individuals to make reservations before visiting the revered site. Following Umrah rituals, many pilgrims traditionally flock to the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina to offer prayers and pay respects at Al Rawda Al Sharifa.

The current season commenced over two months ago following the conclusion of the Hajj pilgrimage. Which saw approximately 1.8 million Muslims participate for the first time in three years after pandemic-related restrictions were lifted.

To enhance security and preserve the sanctity of the sacred chamber, the kingdom unveiled a gilded brass barrier surrounding the Prophet’s Mosque last April.

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