Saudi Arabia Extends 6-Month Residency to Stranded Umrah Pilgrims

Amid the ongoing Israeli war, Saudi Arabia has announced a compassionate gesture, offering a six-month residency to Palestinian Umrah pilgrims1 2stranded in the Kingdom.

The decision, praised by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry, has garnered gratitude from Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their generous acts.

The ministry commended Saudi Arabia for its compassion for the pilgrims who are stuck in Gaza’s southern provinces and acknowledged the difficulties they are facing as a result of the Israeli occupation’s aggression in a commendable statement.

The six-month residency initiative aims to provide temporary relief to the affected individuals until they can safely return to their homeland. This gesture holds significant importance amidst the ongoing crisis that has engulfed Gaza since October 7, 2023, emphasising Saudi Arabia’s commitment to aiding those in need during times of hardship.

The Israeli war on the Gaza Strip has led to catastrophic consequences, with tens of thousands of victims, predominantly innocent children and women, as reported by Palestinian and UN sources. The severity of the situation has drawn international attention, prompting charges of “genocide” against Israel before the International Court of Justice.

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