UAE Opens Visas: Which of 6 Categories is Accessible For Foreigners?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has initiated a visa program aimed at granting visas to foreigners across various categories including work, investment, business, and education.

With over 9 million expatriates and a commitment to fostering talent from around the globe, the Emirates has significantly expanded its visa schemes to attract skilled individuals, entrepreneurs, retirees, and students, thereby enriching the economic and social fabric of the nation.

1- Remote Work Visa

The Remote Work Visa, also known as the Virtual Working Program, enables individuals to work remotely for their current employers while residing in the UAE. Offering a one-year duration, this visa provides flexibility and convenience to professionals seeking an enhanced standard of living in the UAE, with eligibility criteria focusing on employment status and financial stability.

2- Retirement Visa

Ideal for retirees seeking a tranquil and prosperous life, the Retirement Visa offers a five-year tenure with eligibility criteria including property ownership, financial savings, or a minimum monthly income. The option for renewal ensures continued access to retirement benefits for residents of the UAE.

3- Student Visa

Outstanding students and top achievers in their fields can avail themselves of student visas in the UAE. With options for five-year or ten-year residency visas, students can pursue their academic aspirations at leading universities and institutions across the country, facilitated by University Student Affairs offices.

4- Job Seeker Visit Visa

In a bid to attract skilled professionals globally, the Emirates offers a visit visa to job seekers, eliminating the need for a sponsor. This visa permits individuals to explore employment opportunities in the country, with eligibility criteria based on skill level, educational qualifications, and financial guarantees, fostering skill mobility and career advancement across sectors.

5- Green Visa

The Green Visa initiative targets highly skilled professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and top students, offering self-sufficiency for five years without the requirement of an Emirati citizen or employer sponsor. By promoting long-term residency, Green Visas come with concessions and benefits for family members.

6- Golden Visa

Instrumental in attracting investors, professionals, students, and entrepreneurs, the Golden Visa program provides a pathway to long-term residency in the UAE. With various eligibility categories and benefits for visa holders and their families, the Golden Visa facilitates success and residency in the UAE.

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