CM Punjab Announces Metro Bus Service For Faisalabad

Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz has unveiled plans to extend the metro bus service to Faisalabad, marking a significant step towards enhancing public transportation within the province.

The social media announcement highlights the resolve to follow through on a promise made by Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Responding to public concerns regarding transportation in Faisalabad, CM Maryam Nawaz assured citizens of swift action. She revealed that a final meeting with the Transport Department is scheduled for today, where approval for 700 buses across Punjab, including 100 for Faisalabad, will be granted.

The initiative aims to cover key routes and comprehensively address the city’s transportation challenges. CM Punjab emphasized the importance of establishing designated routes, service timetables, and bus stops equipped with shelters for enhanced convenience.

This initiative builds upon Nawaz Sharif’s promise to introduce the Orange Line Metro Train in Faisalabad, now translated into reality under CM Maryam Nawaz’s leadership through a metro bus service.

In addition to the metro bus expansion, CM Maryam Nawaz has approved the procurement of 657 eco-friendly passenger buses and discussed plans to introduce 20,000 electric bikes, promoting sustainable transportation solutions across major cities in Punjab.

In addition, the government’s dedication to infrastructure development is demonstrated by the “Sarkein Bahaal Punjab Khushhal” project, which was overseen earlier this month by Chief Minister Punjab and aims to renovate inter- and intra-district roads to improve socioeconomic conditions.

These initiatives underscore CM Maryam Nawaz’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of Punjab’s residents and ensuring a prosperous future for the province.

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