Toyota Announces Price Reduction for its Most Affordable Car

Effective March 14, Indus Motor Company (IMC) has implemented significant price reductions across all Toyota Yaris 1.3L variants in Pakistan.

In an announcement, the auto manufacturer stated that it has decreased the prices of all Toyota Yaris 1.3L variants by up to Rs. 133,000.

Here are the updated prices of the Yaris variants:

  1. 1.3L GLi MT: Reduced to Rs 4,326,000 after a price cut of Rs. 73,000.
  2. 1.3L GLi CVT: Reduced to Rs 4,616,000 after a price cut of Rs. 73,000.
  3. 1.3L Ativ MT: Reduced to Rs 4,586,000 after a price cut of Rs. 73,000.
  4. 1.3L Ativ CVT: Marked down by Rs. 133,000, now priced at Rs 4,766,000.

The company did not specify the reason behind the price reduction for the Toyota Yaris 1.3L variants.

In contrast, Pak Suzuki recently raised the price of the Swift GLX CVT by Rs. 304,000. Following the latest increase, GLX CVT is now priced at Rs. 5,429,000.

This decision was attributed to the federal government’s decision to raise the sales tax from 18% to 25% on locally manufactured vehicles costing more than Rs. 4 million.

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